vritual reality Stone Smithereens By Ohhh! Inc

Stone Smithereens By Ohhh! Inc. Lets You Kill Flying Stone In VR

Got tired of shooting people in games such as League of Legend, Counter Strike or The VOID? Now, you can be shooting floating and flying stones for a change! Wake up! Gravity around you adding up so much. Pulling everything toward you. So strong! Nothing escapes. Adding one more stone will make it collapse. You and the entire world into a blackhole. Yes! It is happening. Unless you defend it, the world will collapse. Break, destroy, and defend against the coming stones to save the world!


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Stone Smithereens is created by Ohhh! Inc. Founded in 2014 by Suejung Huh. Her team includes renowned math and computer science researchers, and top talents from leading entertainment companies like DreamWorks Animation, Sony Imageworks, Disney, Konami, ILM, and AMD. We are dedicated to maximize the interactivity of VR world by optimizing algorithms using state-of-art tech.


Stone Smithereens Main Features

1. Immersive a VR world, playable with/without VR
2. Realtime fracture and destruction in Mobile platform
3. Splendid Fireworks
4. Physical interactivity like never before! (stones are breaking on
the spot you break!)


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Ohhh! Inc Team is a rare combination of top talents in academia, research, and art. The first project “Stone Smithereens” is featuring the real-time fracture and destruction. The game is available in PC and mobile platform! Ohhh! Inc. has just released the teaser app of “Stone Smithereens” on iTune and Google Play Store. Searchable by “Stone Smithereens VR” in app stores. More VR games coming soon! If you are tired of shooting games such as The VOID or Eve Valkyrie, give Stone Smithereens a try! For Google Play, download from this page.


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