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STYLY Gives Virtual Reality Workshops at 15 Universities in Pakistan

STYLY visited 15 universities in Punjab, Pakistan to promote awareness and knowledge of VR and help an emerging but struggling VR market get on its feet. Workshops on AR/VR technology, along with STYLY’s VR content creation and distribution service (https://suite.styly.cc), were held at each university.

A total of 2,165 students and faculty attended the workshops where they were able to learn about VR and opportunities related to it, create their own VR content using STYLY, and then, largely for the first time, put on a VR headset and experience virtual reality firsthand.

Pakistan’s students are bursting with talent, motivation, and potential,” says STYLY’s Chief Alliance Officer, Nausharwan Mir, “but unfortunately, most universities do not yet have any VR courses, labs, or resources. That’s why we came here – to provide the guidance, tools, and gateway for students in Pakistan to unlock their potential and participate in the VR industry, thereby improving their lives, nation, and the overall industry, by using STYLY technology.”

Pakistan has one of the largest populations in the world, ranked 5th overall with 211 million people. A staggering 60% of the population are youth (under age 30) and the nation’s IT industry has been growing in recent years. So, not surprisingly, various governments and organizations are investing billions of dollars into Pakistan’s economy. For instance, with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China is investing $62 billion to build infrastructure and mass transit in Pakistan, which has been creating a massive boom across all industries.

The VR industry, however, is still in its beginning phase and STYLY is helping provide the foundation. To continue to help build Pakistan’s VR industry and student community, STYLY already has further visits planned for the near future. It is also collaborating with universities to establish VR labs, courses, and workshops.


The workshops took place in Punjab, Pakistan from January 17th to 26th.

Full list of universities visited: University of Central Punjab, University of Education, Punjab University of Information Technology (New and Old Campuses), Information Technology University, Virtual University, Hajvery University, Government College University, Superior University, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, University of Management and Technology, University of Engineering and Technology, University of South Asia, National University of Emerging Sciences, and Lahore University of Management Sciences.


STYLY is a cloud and browser-based VR editing and distribution service developed by Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. It allows its users to explore, expand, and share their imaginations and creativity by building VR content, with no coding or downloads required. STYLY is a haven where creatives, particularly those in fashion, music, and art, can feel free and confident to unleash the deepest depths of their imaginations.

STYLY official site: http://suite.styly.cc

Psychic VR Lab official site: psychic-vr-lab.com

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