Virtual Porn Production Studio SugarInstant VR Exclusive Interview

SugarInstant has just launched its new VR porn content section, the virtual adult content is now available and included in its unlimited, all-access streaming membership subscription. We had the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with the SugarInstant team!



What is SugarInstant’s vision to enter the VR porn industry?

Our main goal is to create a unique immersive and interactive adult experience and further close the gap between what is on the screen and what you can experience. We want to offer this high level of interaction with A-list performers at a highly competitive price.


What new features can we expect from Sugar Instant in 2016 or 2017?

Live VR streaming, compatibility amongst most if not all VR devices, and the inclusion of more interactive hardware such as teledildonics.



We enjoyed VR pornstars Aspen Ora and Amber Ivy’s scenes, when will AJ Applegate, Jenna Sativa, Alice March, and Dakota’s scene be available?

All of these performers have VR scenes available on our site. They are ready to stream in VR through our Unlimited Streaming service, which comes with a free 10-day trial for new users (


SugarInstant is currently offering 2D weekly live shows, is SugarInstant going to offer VR live shows as well?

Yes, we have plans in the works to offer VR Live Shows very soon.



Why did SugarInstant choose to shoot 180 degree VR porn instead of 360 or 220 degree?

We chose to film in 180 degrees because of the solo content we provide. 180 allows us to have a professional hardware setup without interfering with the customer’s experience. When we are ready to introduce new types of content, we will adjust technologically but only if it adds to the interactive experience.


Is SugarInstant goes to offer different types of immersive porn experiences such as Gay VR adult movie, or more sensual VR porn movies for the ladies?

We plan to offer different types of immersive content as the demand arises. SugarInstant is a technology company, and it is important for us to listen to the suggestions and requests of our users. We believe that by this holiday season, more of our users and more of the public in general will have VR devices in their hands and we expect to see an overall increase in the demand for VR porn.


Where do you see VR porn in the next 3-5 years?

We expect VR to be the standard by which most people enjoy adult content. Even in 2016, the VR platform is set to see a high surge in consumer usage. We expect AR to have a large presence in the home as well. Also, VR is currently an individual experience. Being able to share a VR experience with another user is the next likely step for the industry.

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