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Sweet cum in VR Pornstarring byNathaly Cherie!

We all need a break. Your wife, Nathaly Cherie and you though about doing a getaway and not having to think about anything for some days. (sounds perfect, right?). Since Father’s Day was approaching, your son decided to give you a romantic getaway. For you two the idea of getting away from your daily lives, spending some time in yourselves, getting carried away by intimacy, exciting each other touching those erogenous points you know so well, discovering new ways to reach an orgasm (in this new adventure in virtual reality porn, a titsjob) and cumming in emotion was…tempting.

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Nathaly couldn’t hide the excitement. It’s been quite long since the last time you had a moment for yourselves. The bathtub looked so relaxing, the bed so comfortable and your cock so hot. Right there, in the bathroom your wife started rubbing her ass against you, getting you excited with her lips and going through your body with her hard nipples. Thank goodness nobody is going to interrupt you in this VR sex experience.

You started fucking in the bathroom. You could feel your wife’s vagina getting wet. She turned playing with her ass in doggy style, moving her hips back and forth to feel you inside her, using her fingers to masturbate her clitoris and rubbing her tits while she was on you. It was all so exciting you didn’t realize you never got to the bed to celebrate Father’s Day in XXX VR.

Despite of everyday life, spending time with your partner and enjoying sex in a creative way is important.

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