Technicolor’s Tim Sarnoff Outlines Success Factors for VR Ecosystem @ “VR on The LOT”

As the industry gathered in Los Angeles for the “VR on The Lot” event this week, the creative technology community across the region showcased an impressive portfolio of the latest advances in bringing new immersive experiences to audiences around the world, said Tim Sarnoff, Technicolor Deputy CEO and President of Production Services.

“We are clearly seeing traction for this exciting medium take hold. Just to provide a couple of data points to illustrate…so far this year Technicolor and its brands — MPC, The Mill, Mikros and Mr. X – have completed 13 VR projects. Across the company, as we speak, 29 VR projects are in the production stage,” said Sarnoff.


But even as hectic as things are, the industry is still very much in the nascent stages of this new art form.


“There is an objective way to understand just how early we are in the development of what promises to be a truly transformative industry. As we look at the headlines that are dominating the VR/AR scene, we see that the news is still dominated by technologies that enable the creation and dissemination of immersive content.


“When we look at the history of disruption in media and entertainment, the focus on technology has always been an important FIRST step in an innovative process that leads to a series of developments that ultimately disrupt and alter our global culture,” he explained.


The path to mass adoption of immersive experiences, will only be paved when the focus of the conversation shifts to storytelling.


“We will know that Immersive Mediums are approaching mainstream penetration when we see that the primary focus of industry news shift to the texture of content, and away from the canvas of technology,” he said.


Sarnoff outlined four key success factors that will need to be in place in order to provide opportunities that will create economic opportunity for a healthy immersive media ecosystem.


“I am betting that if this community of interest can commit to: 1) High-Quality Native Content, 2) Social Immersive Experiences; 3) Episodic Cadence; and 4) Disruptive Innovation…it will lead to an ecosystem that heralds a new era of entertainment that will unleash unprecedented creativity, and in turn, create a value-chain that will generate new economic opportunities for artists, technologists and the supporting cast of network service providers, equipment manufacturers and production managers,” said Sarnoff.


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