The Future of VR Advertising Starts with Flo Virtual Reality

Advertising takes new strides into the world of virtual reality with Flo VR, a Virtual Reality advertising platform rising in popularity around the world as developers continue to find new ways of delivering content in VR gaming and VR apps. “For the brand and user the intimacy of VR advertising is second to none, It’s a new and exciting medium to tell a powerful story in a way that’s much more personal and up close than brands are normally able to do. Placing the user right in a branded 360 scenario and allowing them to control the ad is one of the absolute best ways for a brand to connect with a consumer.” Says CEO & Founder Roger Perry.


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Flo VR is proud to deliver brands and advertisers a new way of connecting with their customers while they experience the world of virtual reality with monetization of games and apps. Partner with developers to design 360 advertisements for the audience that you are searching for. No longer will ads be seen as a distraction, but a more challenging and engaging experience. Flo VR ads focus on rewarding users. From a recent survey taken, almost 80% of players confirmed they are open to engaging with video ads for in-game rewards. User conversion rates when rewards are involved are between 60 to 70%. And it’s very likely that the triple win for advertisers/game developers/publishers, along with the positive experience for players mentioned earlier, is the very reason rewarded video ads are growing in popularity.


Every VR game and app gives all players the ability to enter new worlds, battles and designs with advance motion controls and 360 environments. With new levels, upgrades and more, players will be enjoying hours of fun while being able to interact with everything in the games. This opportunity gives us the ability to work with brands and companies who want to promote their products through our technologies with fun and new ways to advertise and reward gamers.


Settings up your ads are now as simple as a line of code inserted into games. Never have to worry about hours of code that might disrupt the game. We offer assistance through the entire process allowing all of our advertisers and developers a smooth and easy process while creating interactive ads that gives rewards.


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Flo VR SDK boasts some pretty awesome heat mapping and head tracking analytics, we have these in place to help determine where best to place content in the VR world. Its analytics tell both developers and advertisers, where users are looking most. Beneficial to both parties. Also we will be able to tell what emotions the user is feeling based on the head tracking analytics. Whether they are scared, happy, etc. This will also determine when and where Flo VR give them the branded rewards. The VR app makes it super easy to integrate for the team’s Developers, it’s a simple as dragging and dropping our SDK into their unity environment. They then select where they want to serve ads throughout the game( Key Moments).

Flo will also be handling all VR content production in house, so we’ll be able to create these experiences for our clients and offer a turnkey solution for both developers and advertisers alike.


No longer is advertising in a cold calling generation hoping to reach target markets. Advertising has become a data driven business and with our company, we understand those needs. With Flo’s data analytic software, we are able to place advertisements in game for specific players, levels and games that will reach the audience necessary for your product.


Our ads created for your brands and products will be more then advertisements, they will be views as fun mini games for the users to play and earn rewards as they continue through their own gaming experience. This motivates our users to continue to enjoy the Virtual reality while also experiencing a new form of advertising that can be challenging and rewarding between different levels, apps and any other selection of where you want your advertisements placed.


The time to start a new wave of fun and interesting advertisements starts now. With Flo VR rising in the ranks as one of the most interactive pieces of technology, we know that this will become the future standard in gaming, advertising, and Virtual Reality technology. Contact us today and find out how we can help create ads for your product through Flo’s Virtual Reality AD Network & Platform. We are located in Toronto, Canada, but available all over the world.


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