The Virtual Reality Industry Still Faces Challenges

Like many new and emerging industries, the Virtual Reality (VR) industry still faces a number of obstacles. There is no doubt that within a few years, these bumps will have been ironed out, but for now, the VR industry should take note of some of the challenges it faces, according to a report published on September by the law firm Perkins Coie and VR advocacy group, Upload.


The findings of the report point to VR challenges as they stand. One of these challenges involves the perceived lack of interesting Virtual Reality media that is found today. Those questioned reported that they weren’t able to find media that kept them entertained for hours, justifying a 3D environment and wearing headsets for so long.




One way to get around this problem is if the VR industry begins working together with industries such as in the online casino world in a bid to bring popular casino games to a 3D environment. Online Blackjack games for example, with an almost real 3D dealer, will certainly look amazing and push both VR and blackjack forward. A number of software groups, such as Microgaming, have ventured into the world of VR gaming, but it requires much greater cooperation between these two industries for things to really take off in a mass market. Progress has been made in the video game industry, with companies like Nintendo and Sega reporting on successful VR game console sales, because so much was invested in terms of time and revenue to blend these two industries.


Another challenge facing the industry is the physical size of the virtual reality headsets. In a world where cool is in, nobody who is somebody wants to be seen dead walking around with a big, bulky headset covering half of his or her face. Advancements will have to be made to get the headsets looking sleeker, and the technology glitch-free before VR will be adopted by the masses.


One thing that doesn’t bother VR users – and maybe it should – concerns the potential legal issues surrounding this industry. While the VR industry has successfully navigated all legal obstacles for now, regulators have started expressing their concern about issues such as data privacy and cybersecurity. These questions will have to be addressed ultimately, and it is best that things are smoothed out sooner than later.


These and other matters are still considered challenges to the emerging Virtual Reality industry, and VR-centric companies could use the results of the latest report to help them face these obstacles.


Author: VR Reporter

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