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Tundra Labs is Launching Cheaper Tracker for SteamVR as a Vive Tracker Alternative on Kickstarter

Tundra Labs is a new start up founded in 2018. The company is going to launch a new campaign on Kickstarter featuring custom-designed SteamVR tracker, to offer a cheaper, lighter, smaller alternative for Vive Tracker which is dominating the market today.

According to the company and its founder Luke Beno, comparing to Vive tracker side by side, the more affordable Tundra for SteamVR tracker is 6o% smaller in size, weights about 50% less, and offers 100% more batter life.

The New Open-Sourced SteamVR Tracking System

While Tundra’s new tracking system is deemed as Vive tracker’s new competitor, the Tundra track can actually also be perceived as an enhancement and additional add-on that would work well along side with Vive tracker and Vive headset.

Tundra Labs recently showcased the new SteamVR tracking system, which is an open-sourced tracking system that uses and is based on Valve’s open-source SteamVR platform. that welcomes other companies to design and create VR-related and compatible product that can be tracked and work seamlessly and smoothly with the SteamVR Base Station. The tracker will work with any Steam VR compatible device, such as Pimix headset and Vive headsets.

The Trackers is designed to be easy to be attached to a belt, ties on shoes, and also wore on wrist for more precise motion-tracking. It is also going to equipped with magnets that allows user to place the tracks on metal objects such as a shelf or rack which is going to provide a lot more freedom for tracking device placement that something could be a pain in the ass if you have a small space.

Tundra Lab’s Kickstarter Campaign In January 2021

Tundra Labs is currently working on multi-port-dongle, meaning that this feature would allow players to pair-up 3 to 7 tracking sets at the same time. This feature will be available at the time when the Kickstarter campaign is launched.

Multi-port-dongle supports trackers from different source, so users can pair-up Tundra tracker with Vive tracker via multi-port USB connection.

Regarding Tundra’s Kickstarter campaign that’s expected to launch in January, consumer version and developer editions will be available for pre-order. The developer’s edition includes expansion connector that allows other companies to expand and extrapolate more possibilities!

And even though, the price of it hasn’t been official announced, but the Tundra’s SteamVR tracker will likely cost less than Vive tracker and additional discount will be offered for early bird and bundle set deals. The shipment will be scheduled later in 2021.

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