Darren Brown's Ghost Train

Thorpe Park Reveals Darren Brown’s Ghost Train VR Theme Park Experience

Merlin Entertainment Group announced a brand new VR experience for UK theme park Thorpe Park Resort called “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train”. A theme park ride powered by Virtual Reality that took 3 years in the making!


The ride will be installed in a gigantic warehouse (2306 Square Meters), and suspended in the air ( 3 meters above the gound and 26 meters wide). The journey for visitors starts with walking on a bridge to enter the ride, which is a vintage style ghost train reinvented for the 21st century.


vr ghost train

Darren Brown’s Ghost Train – A 13-Minutes VR Theme Park Thriller

The ride will last exactly 13 minutes with all passengers wearing a HTC Vive headset, and fits up to 60 passengers. According to the Thorpe Park, the next generation VR theme park experience is featuring 4D, grand illusion, special effects, and transportation of your body and mind, in another words, a full-immersion VR experience!

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