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Image Source: Kolor & GoPro

The Best Virtual 360° Video Collection

360° video is a new video format that is highly interactive and immersive.   Be expected, that we will be seeing more and more 360° being released in the near future.  It won’t be long before major brands catching up with the virtual reality trend and start making their own.


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In the future, people like you and I will be able to record  360° videos on the fly.  With portable, compact and easily affordable 360° video recording devices such as GoPro, Ricoh Theta and LucidCam being rolled out in mainstream consumer market, it’s safe to say, that 360° video will be the new standard for video recording, live action capturing and video sharing format!


You don’t have to like it, but you can’t deny it.  Another proof that 360° video is going to be the new standard, at least across major social media platform, is that Youtube and Facebook both openly made official announcement about the on-site playback compatibility and support for the new video format!


We have seen a burst of 360° videos across Youtube and various websites.  Here is a list of some of our favorite 360° videos.  We intended to make this list an ever growing and expanding video collection, we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do, and feel free to suggest any 360° video that you’ve discovered on the web, the ones that we might have missed.   Cheers and enjoy!


How to Enjoy A 360° Virtual Videos Tutorial

From computer

YouTube supports playback of 360 videos from the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Safari is not supported. 


From mobile and tablets

To watch and interact with YouTube 360 videos, be sure to you have updated your device with the latest version of the app.

For viewing YouTube videos, you will want to copy the tile name below

<The Title>

then open the YouTube app, and paste into the search box.

For an immersive experience, you can watch 360 degree videos with Cardboard via the YouTube app. Once the 360 video is launched, simply click the Cardboard icon on the lower right corner and insert phone into the Cardboard. 

Tomorrowland 2014 | 360 Degrees of Madness

Going to music festival is perhaps my favorite thing to do!   But I haven’t been to Tomorrowland yet.  I am not a fan of EDM, but the 360 video certainly looks pretty cool, doesn’t it!


Kasabian O2 Academy Brixton 360 Video

This one is one of my favorite 360° video in this collection!  You can see the crowd rubbing shoulders with each other, some guys were fighting, and people were crowd surfing and got fiercely dragged down by pissed off securities ( my favorite highlight @ 2:00 facing the stage! )


If I was there, I will be in the mosh pit area!  You simply cannot feel this heated vibe and actual presence in 2D videos, this is exactly why 360 videos will prevail and dominate in the future!


R5 – “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” in YouTube360 – 4k

jaunt vr first 360 youtube video r5

According to JauntVR, this is their first ever Youtube 360 video – R5 ” Let’s not be alone tonight!”


Lamborghini Ride 360

Tomorrow, when you go to school or work, you can tell your classmate or colleagues that you’d drove a Lamborghini yesterday, you were cruising on the highway like there is no tomorrow!   You’d be speaking the truth, just not the whole truth, you’d drove a Lamborghini on Youtube… woo hoo!



Time Couch

Time Couch is an in-engine VR experience created by StressLevelZero as a test.  All alleyways were created by photoscanning real environments. Created in Unity on OriginPC’s.  Bust out your boom box and let’s jam!


Grand Canyon 360º Video by 360 Labs

Explore the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions and 360 Labs!  Grand Canyon is in my humble opinion, one of the most amazing place on earth, there is just nowhere like it!


For people from other parts of the world who hasn’t had a chance to visit, you can now enjoy the magnificent view in 360!


Volbeat – Dead But Rising (Live 360-degree-video)

How many metal fans we have here?!!!  This is Volbeat live on stage!  If you scroll and drag the screen around facing the audience, you’d feel like you are on stage, try it!


Noa Neal ‘Graffiti’ 4K 360° Music Video

Um…. OK… Teenage girly pop, cheerleaders and running man dancers are not exactly my favorite kind of music video, if I was 20 years younger I’d probably be groovy right now… But I still liked the idea and enjoyed it!


This is from Kolor, a French video-stitching specialist that had recently merged with GoPro!


Burning Man 360: Video Panorama

The world’s craziest and the ultimate music festival the Burningman in 360° video, the video is capturing Burning’s gigantic camping area, day and night!  Check out the beautiful nigh fall in the Nevada desert!   It’s nice to see the beautiful sky in the desert, but why don’t they capture the insane parties or live music on stages, instead of the camping area with zero action?  I long to ask….


Red Bull F1 360° Experience

Have you ever dreamed of being a speed racer?  If yes, you can now experience how it really feels like in virtual 360!


Anitta e Neto Lx – Gordinho Gostoso – 360º – YouTube Carnaval 2015

Have you ever been to the Carnival in Rio or a Latino music events?  Up for some Latin music?


360 Camera – Wingsuit Balloon Rope Swing

How could these guys look so calm and chilled when standing on the edge of the balloon before they jump? !!!   People are crazy…


Fighter Jet Patrouille Suisse 360° Experience

How does it feels like to be sitting inside a Swiss Air Force F-5 Jet and flew over the Alps?  Check it out!


GoPro: Land, Air and Sea – A Virtual Reality Experience

This is the first collaboration between GoPro and Kolor since the acquisition.  Quite nice, isn’t it!  Read more on this page!


As you can see, virtual 360 would provide a more profound and immersive viewing experience.  The technology is bound to change the game and raise the bar for video promos for many industries.  Take tourism for example, when we were watching the music festival 360 videos, it really made us want to buy a flight ticket immediately and be there in person because we can truly feel the exciting vibe of the music festival!


The virtual 360 videos could be used as a powerful marketing tool to pitch and sell travel package, festival pass or anything that you could possibly imagine!



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