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VARcrypt: World’s First Blockchain Distribution Platform for VR & AR

VARcrypt, the World’s First Blockchain Distribution Platform for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Legacy Content and Software is Set to Launch a Global Content Distribution Platform and Crowd Sale of VARcoin a Blockchain Based on Bitcoin Technology

VARcrypt the world’s first blockchain hardware agnostic distribution platform designed specifically for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), legacy content and software applications is set to develop and build a blockchain to encrypt, monetize, render, and globally distribute VR and AR content. In addition to VR and AR content, VARcrypt will distribute film, television, music, print, gaming content, and software in one combined blockchain- enabled ecosystem.

VARcrypt content pricing will be determined by the content creators and artists who will determine their own pricing for the content they produce. The artists’ content will be available to sample, rent, or purchase with VARcrypt’s very own token, VARcoin (VAR). VARcoin will function almost exactly like tokens from video game arcades, but instead of powering the nostalgic video arcade of the past VARcoin will power the future of the internet.

VARcrypt has been featured previously at Digital Hollywood, Silicon Beach, Harvard Business School Clubs of New York & Philadelphia, the Young President’s Organization, The New School and many other locations.

Ethan Gilmore, VARcrypt’s Founder and CEO states, “We are very excited about our utility token sale and it’s great that currently there is so much interest in blockchain technology as well as growing interest in the VR and AR verticals. When I started traveling around the country talking about VARcrypt in early 2016 a lot of people didn’t think that blockchains could effectively be used to distribute content, much less VR and AR content together and the current net neutrality debate and problems content creators are having with YouTube and other platforms are great opportunities for us. Moving forward I don’t really know how content of any kind will be able to avoid the benefits of blockchain encryption, global distribution, and monetization, and that is a future we are very excited about at VARcrypt. We have built a world class team with years of relevant experience that we believe will make the project a success and that VARcoin will become a key component in the distribution of content as a true utility token.”

VARcoin Overview

The VARcoin Crowd Presale will begin on 12/22/17 and the General Crowd Sale will commence in January and will continue until 2/28/18. 11 million VARCOINS will be available for the VARcoin Pre-Sale and General Crowd Sale with 10 million being held in trust. An additional 21 million VARcoins will be made available for the VARcoin mining pool. Miners will be able to earn VARcoins through traditional mining by keeping the network secure and verification of new transactions on the VARcoin blockchain. VARcoin is based on Bitcoin technology as authored by Satoshi.

About VARcrypt

VARcrypt’s main mission is to provide an elegant and simple hardware agnostic platform where blockchain technology can be combined with VR, AR and legacy content for the benefit of artists and content creators. VARcrypt, as a company, does not want to be beholden to any one hardware provider and desires to remain completely independent. To achieve this, VARcrypt will charge distribution fees for content that is distributed and rendered on its platform, so it can remain independent. VARcrypt is working with world class coders to develop and integrate VR and AR seamlessly into the VARcrypt app, browser, and website functionality. We believe VARcrypt’s user-focused interface, blockchain transparency, and hardware independence are strong advantages that are currently unavailable anywhere else.


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