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VeeR VR Debuts Heatmap Analytics to Better Understand Viewers

VeeR VR, the fast growing global virtual reality (VR) video host recently announced the launch of heatmap as one of its essential components to creator performance analysis. This new feature tracks and analyzes the way people look and move inside the 360 videos. This is one of the first steps VeeR took towards user-analytics-based solutions in VR application.

With heatmap matching the most viewed area to color indicators of varying warmth, it becomes increasingly easy for creators, especially those exploring in the direction of VR marketing and branding, to analyze consumptive behaviors of their viewers and adapt accordingly.

Unlike other major VR video platforms which offer heatmap exclusively to their top-performing creators, VeeR offers analytic service for free to all registered users with uploads. Heatmap is activated upon request.

The instant insights creators are able to glean from the heatmap can have transformative effects on the interactions between creators and their audience. Different from traditional 2D video production, VR does not direct the viewers with camera angles, which necessitates attention guides and hotspots integration to improve viewer experience. The cross-section data provided by heatmap will prove invaluable to the future implementation of in-video visual/audio cues to effectively capture attention where the creators see fit.

About VeeR

VeeR VR is a leading sharing platform of 360/VR videos. Founded in 2016, VeeR has been an industry leader serving millions of users from over 150 countries by developing cross-platform accessible VR-streaming application. Headquartered in Beijing, China, VeeR also established two branches in Silicon Valley, California and Shenzhen, China.

Currently VeeR has launched on multiple platforms including Apple App Store, Google Play, Oculus Rift, etc; content uploaded to VeeR VR will be accessible across all platforms through automatic transcoding.

For more information please visit veer.tv or write to support@veer.tv. Join us @VeeRVR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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