Video: How Facebook, AR, VR Tech, Will Shape Future of Interactivity

If you’re wondering what the future convergence of camming, dating and social media looks like, then Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has a virtual vision for you…


Earlier this month, Zuckerberg wowed a tech-forward audience gathered for the oculus connect event in San Jose, Calif., when he revealed his augmented- and virtual reality-powered Social Reality concept.



A taste of things to come, Facebook’s future looks like the world around you — or a creation of fantasy where the only limits are from the user’s imagination — except that all of your friends (and their computers) will be with you.


It’s a little hard to explain in words, hence the video, which shows a Zuckerberg-eye view of audience and co-hosts alike, and then moves the scene to the bottom of the ocean, Mars, and Facebook’s office — and does so with a high level of seamless interactivity that will make adult cam providers blush with envy as they rush to meetings with their development teams.


Facebook’s Social Reality allows users to view photos and 360-degree videos, play games or engage their friends as if they were present — a level of engagement that will no doubt drive considerable interest from adult marketers and models that will need to walk a fine line under the site’s TOS.


The November issue of XBIZ World magazine explores today’s live webcam market in depth and among the revelations it contains is that camming is increasingly less about sex and more about communication and companionship — where even nudity may be an afterthought.


In such an environment, Facebook’s Social Reality cannot be ignored.


Author: VR Reporter

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