Business Worldwide Magazine has named ViewMind as one of the "Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Follow in 2021"

The application of Virtual Reality extend far beyond gaming and entertainment. Studies have shown VR has therapeutic potential and that's why the VR health sector is on the rise. 

ViewMind, a neurotech company that specializes in non-invasive assessments for early detection and management Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia using eye-tracking technology, is called a neurotech company. Business Worldwide Magazine has named ViewMind as one of the "Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Follow in 2021" because of its innovative approach.

This list celebrates the pioneering organizations that are changing the face of their industries and changing the corporate landscape. These companies span healthcare, banking and industry as well as construction and energy. They are on the forefront of innovation, breakthrough technologies and modernized business structures. All of them share a common goal: to develop revolutionary products and technologies that can drive scalable business models, disrupt existing markets and industries.

ViewMind, a leader in biotech, has developed a solution that could save millions of lives. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide precise and neurocognitive assessments that are unlike any other.

The company was founded by Mark Edwards, CEO. It sought to solve a problem posed to Bill Gates by finding a practical, affordable, and simple diagnostic to stop Alzheimer's. It's a devastating, crippling condition that affects over 50 million people. In fact, it is the sixth leading cause for death among Americans 65 and older. According to the World Health Organization, Alzheimer's is the 7th most common cause of death worldwide. It affects twice as many people as it does men.

ViewMind's groundbreaking work is not only technologically revolutionary, but also clinically validated. The company's solutions have been approved in many regions, including Europe. ViewMind is partnering with top-tier pharmaceutical companies all over the globe. Their solutions can allow doctors to detect Alzheimer's up to 20 years before symptoms become apparent.

This solution combines a virtual reality headset that tracks the eye and ViewMind's AI application. It can detect minor changes in patients' eyes' behavior under certain stimuli processing. The software analyzes these oculomotor patterns and allows for high-precision diagnosis of pathologies. The most popular form of testing was cognitive pen and paper. These solutions were developed between 30 and 50 years ago. They required skilled assessors, are time-consuming and lack objectivity. The brain's physical condition is assessed using biomarkers, which can be used to diagnose problems such as a brain scan, lumbar puncture or PET scan. These solutions are both expensive and invasive. These tests are only performed when the patient presents with obvious symptoms. This means that the disease may not be treatable and the cost of treatment will likely increase. ViewMind's revolutionary approach allows for early detection of mild cognitive impairment in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This is 20 years before clinical symptoms appear.

Global operations are growing, and this company is poised for great commercial success. VR Report will be following ViewMind's latest news and updates, and  be sure to bookmark this page as this page will be continuously updated.

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