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VIKI: An Uncensored 3D Game for VR Where You Can Experience Anything

VIKI is a new dimension of social networking and gaming in one. It is a unique virtual platform of unlimited possibilities for adults, which is currently underway in the Czech Republic. It allows you to connect with anyone in the world, build relationships, have fun, relax, create, make money or have sex. Without the restrictions we are used to.

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VIKI – a new form entertainment for adults

The idea to create a unique virtual world with a global reach came from the collaboration of four friends – a visionary behind the Naughty Harbor project by Patrik Duda, a businessman Petr Baudyš, a programmer Martin Rubín and a graphic designer Adam Krhánek.

Their goal was to create a unique world in a virtual environment, within which its participants will create an avatar, through which they will be able to create the VIKI world itself, but above all to have fun, meet people from all over the world, establish relationships – even intimate ones, even offer their services and make money. In short, create a virtual world of unlimited possibilities.

Become anyone for a while

The physical 3D world is constantly putting various limitations and obstacles in our way. These can be easily overcome in a virtual space. All you have to do is put on a headset for virtual reality, connect to VIKI and in a few seconds you can chat with a person from the other side of the world in the garden of a beautiful villa. Establish relationships, communicate, play and have fun.

In the secure space of virtual reality, you can become whoever you want. Maybe by yourself.

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Boundaries limited by human imagination

Leaving the limitations of the material world behind was and is the dream of many visionaries and dreamers. Today, thanks to modern technology, this dream is becoming a reality. In virtual reality, the creative principle is our imagination, which reveals completely new possibilities not only for fun, but also for relationships, eroticism or making money.

VIKI is supposed to unleash the imagination in the VR world. For a one-time fee, it allows you to enter places whose essence is freedom, fun, excitement and relaxation, communication and eroticism. All this without the restrictions of moral censors, completely without restrictions, however with regard to maintaining the free choice of each “player”.

A safe adventure from the comfort of home

In the virtual space, it is possible to connect with the whole world from the comfort of your own couch. You can connect with anyone and experience anything. You don’t have to travel anywhere, you are safe. For example, you can be sure that the likeable woman or man (their avatar) you are talking to will not infect you – even in the more intimate phase of your relationship – with sex, viral, bacterial or any other illness.

You can experience any experience – sports, cultural, relationship. It is in the area of ​​relationships that VIKI will offer a completely new unique opportunity for communication and intimacy. The moment you get closer to someone, you can develop your relationship in the privacy of your own room. Thanks to modern technology, you can touch and have sex. The physical experience is mediated by erotic aids connected with the virtual reality you are currently experiencing.

Virtual currency

In the VIKI world, it will soon be possible to use even money. Thanks to the virtual currency, it will be possible to offer virtual services (even erotic ones) within this online community, to receive awards in the form of virtual money for them and to buy the services or products of other “players” for them.

In the vision of the creators of this innovative game, VIKI is a unique world that will offer in virtual space alternatives to all common activities in the physical world as we know it today. The only limit will be our imagination and the courage to live out our dreams and desires.

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