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Fierce Kaiju’s Viral put you in Pink Robot Battle

Viral is cool little game that is available now on Samsung Gear VR‘s platform for $4.99 USD. It’s a funny little game with pink robots! UK indie game developer Fierce Kaiju has made it a fully immersive experience in neon pink!


As Fierce Kaiju explains on the Viral official page. The enemies, the pink robots in the game are deadliest computer virus ever written, the player, that’s you, is the anti-virus named Ragnorok. Protecting the advanced computer system named E.V.E ( Emotional Virtual Engine ).


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fierce kaiju



The game is simple, it’s just you against the pink robots. Basically, just like other virtual reality games that doesn’t involve a hand controller, you control, navigate and shoot enemies with your head!


Because the enemies came from all different directions and the setting ascends and descends to upper and lower levels, hence the lots of funny looking head and body spin will be involved!


Below is a live gameplay demo from Youtube gamer LPX Tech:


We really like the virtual 3D graphic because it reminds us one of the classic album from Flaming Lips, for Viral’s next version, maybe the Fierece Kaiju can use it for its opening theme music!

viral pink robots

Pink Robots Battle, coincidence or inspirations for the developers?





Good news is that, yesterday we spotted a thread in Oculus Forum, that for anyone that has the Viral demo version dubbed Viral Lite, he or she can just update now and get the full version for free! We don’t have the demo version so we cannot confirm it, but anyone that has it can give it a try!

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