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Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 @ New York City – June 29 – 30

With Virtual Reality being the buzzword on the end of every marketers tongue, LBCG has created an unique, dual-city conference called Virtual Reality for Global Brands Conference, to identify strategies for brands to utilize Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (MR) in their marketing campaigns.

This technology will play a pivotal role in shaping PR, Communications, branding and customer engagement across various industry sectors such as: automotive, retail, travel, news, entertainment and more!


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This conference brings together industry leaders from all of those sectors in one room and those leaders are bringing practical case studies with them. As early-adopters of using these new, immersive technologies in their marketing campaigns, this conference provides the perfect learning opportunity for other marketers, brands and developers to understand the needs, wants, do’s and don’ts.




LBCG team has conducted exclusive interviews with numbers of confirmed conference speakers to get some early insight into their perspective on VR. They answered questions such as:

  • Why should brands take VR seriously?
  • What unique possibilities does immersive technology bring to marketing, branding and customer engagement?
  • What’s the greatest challenge brands face when adopting VR for marketing?
  • How does VR help consumers make informed purchase decisions?

Virtual Reality for Global Brands Speaker Interviews

Please visit this page for more information on the speaker. And here is the conducted interviews.

Guido Rosales, Former Integrated Marketing Director, Coca-Company
Daragh Anglim, Head of Digital, Fáilte Ireland
Pete Durant, Digital Partnerships Manager, Comic Relief
Nick Morey, Senior Creative Manager, DynamoPR


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