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Virtual Reality as a Powerful Learning Tool

Virtual reality is capable of doing and performing a lot of things, it could relieve chronic pain, give you an unique virtual identity as your alter-ego, allows you to play with distinct animals with your virtual hands, and even take you to the hottest sold-out concert of your favorite artist.


All of which would happen in a fully immersive virtual space. But let’s not go beyond that; let’s talk about learning and how it will be transformed and revolutionized in the near future.


When I was in High School and college, I was always skipping class; it wasn’t because I hate learning, it was simply because I thought text books were boring, and I didn’t enjoy the generic way of learning and absorbing knowledge.


From the 80’s and up until today, teachers were able to adopt videos, CD, DVD and power point presentations in their teaching. Now, teachers could teach with virtual or augmented reality powered equipment or head mounted display such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.


oculus rift

samsung gear vr hmd


But imagine in the future, you would be turning in your project in the format of a 360 degree video or a highly interactive virtual presentation, a history teacher would be able to take you back to ancient Rome, a physics teacher would be able to take you into space, and a music teach would be able to take you to a sold out Sir Paul McCartney concert powered by JauntVR!


In school or home based learning experiences don’t have to be so boring and plain anymore! How cool would that be?


All these exciting scenarios are made possible with the newest virtual reality technology.


Contrary to popular belief that it would take many years for the virtual trend to hit the masses, but consider the speed it is evolving, advancing and maturing today on daily basis, we believe it won’t be long, that virtual and augmented reality will completely change our lifestyle, and including the way we learn a new skill or consuming a set of fresh, new knowledge.


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Unimersiv: A Fantastic Virtual Learn Platform

We would like to introduce a new frontier in this up and coming virtual learning revolution. Unimersiv is a fantastic online school with great mission and vision, as the Unimersiv team is dedicated to promote the future of learning through virtual reality.


Unimersiv also acts as a bridging platform for developers to find and reach their audiences. This is very encouraging because the worst thing can happen to a creator or developer is to develop a killer app of software and has no way to find or reach their target audiences.


unimersiv virtual class dinosaur space

4 of Unimersiv’s Most Popular Virtual Course for Your Learning Pleasure

titan of space dash vr

Titans of space

Take you right into the space, you are free to discover the magnificent solar system and feel free to land on the moon!



Do you like dinosaurs? We love dinosaurs! I personally have a thing for T-Rex! Now you can hangout with dinosaurs as you travel back into the stoneage!


apollo 11 kickstarter

Apollo 11

Now, you can kick it with Neil Armstrong and visit the moon, no rocket science required!


Rome reborn

Forget your boring history book and your history teacher Mr. Wilson’s plain teaching, you can travel back to the cities of ancient Rome!


There is also more virtual class available; most of them are free of charge upon signing up for a user account. You can find more virtual classes here. Care for a virtual Karate Lesson?


Author: Jason Spock

Jason is the the world's number 1 fan of Mr. Spock from Star Trek! Old school Arcade and video game addict while growing up in the big 80's. Die hard game geek turned tech & trend blogger, setting his heart on the future of Virtual Reality!

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