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Google Cardboard Marriage Proposal

Virtual reality marriage proposal is a brilliant idea; it shows that virtual reality can be apply in every aspect of our daily life creatively. Mike Rios and Maggie are both multimedia graphic designers, who had been dating for 5 years.


vr marriage proposal google cardboard

5 years ago, Mike asked Maggie if she would married him as a joke in a shopping center park, and 5 years ( is 5 years the magic number for proposal? ) later he wants to recreate that scene with the help of Maggie and Mike’s family and friends at the same spot! The difference is that this time is for real!



Mike had prepared a surprise goodie box with a set of Google Cardboard, a smartphone and a pair of earphone for the Google Cardboard powered virtual reality marriage proposal!


vr headset headphone immersive


What makes this virtual reality proposal so cute is that, the family and friends had spent days to practice and polish their wonderful dance routine just to surprise Maggie!


vr proposal prep


On the big day, March 8, 2015, you can tell that Mike is a little nervous, but Big Mike came well prepared! Mike took Maggie to the same spot he once made the lighthearted joke, and show her the surprise box with golden ribbons ( awww… how cute! )

to maggie virtual reality headset


Mike had Maggie put on the Google Cardboard headset, and had Maggie’s father guided her down the street as Maggie was fully immersed in the virtual world that Mike had created. On the right is Maggie’s view in Google Cardboard’s virtual world!


google hdm help marriage vr

vr mariage proposal mike maggie


The virtual world is filled with pre-made graphics of Maggie and Mike’s family and friends holding signs with guided words to help Mike pop the big question. And of course, Maggie was smart enough to pick the hint!


The cutest part in this virtual reality marriage proposal came right after Maggie took off the Google Cardboard, she was surrounded by family and friends. She can see that big smile on her face! A mariachi band started jamming and family and friends performed the adorable dance routine!


maggie taking off headset

vr mariachi band

proposal dance for vr marriage


Mike got down to his knee and busted out the ring at the perfect timing, and Maggie said YES! You just can’t go run with proposal this cute!


augmented  proposal success


The virtual reality marriage proposal is a perfect example of how we can apply virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality is going to change our lives positively, and for the better!


Author: Jason Spock

Jason is the the world's number 1 fan of Mr. Spock from Star Trek! Old school Arcade and video game addict while growing up in the big 80's. Die hard game geek turned tech & trend blogger, setting his heart on the future of Virtual Reality!

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  1. If you’d like another proposal story, I proposed 11/24/14 using the Oculus Rift & a Virtual Date Maze I created. It was the first virtual reality proposal from my research 😀


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