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Are Virtual Reality Online Casino Sites on the Way?

Let’s be honest, not everything benefits from being in the virtual reality format. One thing that we are looking forward to seeing is a real, comprehensive virtual reality casino. Some developers are already pioneering their way towards this, so let’s find out more about this.


To look forward to what casinos are hoping to do, we first need to look backwards at what they were once capable of. Online casino games really became legal and popular in the 1990s, but they were super basic at this time. If you were to compare a much older game to a new one now, they look like totally different ball game.


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That’s the stage we’re at with the virtual reality versions of these games. Probably in ten years we’ll look back at the poor graphics and quality with a grimace. They’re really in the prototype stage at the moment, as very few players actually have the tech needed to access them.


The rudimentary virtual reality online casinos that have been created so far generally act as a setting for games. While the player can move around the setting, the same games are just slotted into the background. In this way, they’re more like an interface rather than a totally new experience.


This is likely to be something that we see happening within new casino sites as well as more established ones. To offer something of value to the market, we may see a VR exclusive casino site that stands out from the crowd. This could be a long way off however, as it might not be a viable business model until more people have these devices.


Developers themselves are working towards this too, as they want to offer the full service experience. In this way, we might find that some non VR casino sites do offer VR games. This would be a cost effective way for a casino to keep up with the rest of the industry without the cost of development.


The top industry leaders will be likely to go for VR in a big way, as news pours in of new advancements on a daily basis. The trend for virtual reality could be just that though, a passing fancy that doesn’t stick around in the long term. The volatility of the market will mean that many companies don’t invest in the technology.


There are other innovations in progress to make this technology more immersive. Parallax views and live casinos aim to make the viewer feel like they’re actually in a casino. These are significantly easier to design and implement than VR, as they alter existing elements, rather than requiring a complete overhaul. That way, if they aren’t that popular, not as much capital has been wasted on them.


The future seems bright for virtual reality in all of its forms, whether that’s for gaming or exploring new places. The big draw for gambling games online is that you can actually win money as you play, not many hobbies offer you that opportunity. This meshes the world of gaming and that of earning, which only competitive players usually reach.




As enthusiasts, we need to remember that virtual reality is really still in its infancy and it will be a while before we see it everywhere. Although this can be frustrating, we need to bear with it for a brighter VR future.


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