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Virtual Reality Simulator 9D Virtual Cinema By LongZe

A Chinese VR company LongZe has made a virtual reality gaming simulator dubbed 9D Virtual Cinema. Users can sit inside the rounded-shape cockpit with a headset and be immersed in realistic, simulated VR gaming experience.


Virtual Reality Simulator

LongZe is not the first to produce VR gaming simulators, numbers of virtual gaming simulators are expected to launch in the near future. To name a few, the modern looking, speed racer style cockpit from Feel Three and the gigantic 2-seats Rapture virtual simulator from The VOID Virtual Entertainment Theme Park, both are set to launch in 2016. The VR simulator heated war is fierce, let’s wait and see who will prevail in the market!


the void gaming rapture simulator image

The VOID Rapture Simulator


feel three vr cockpit simulator

Feel Three VR Simulator


The 9D virtual cinema system was not designed for home entertainment, it was designed for theme park or public entertainment center, such as a mall, plaza or an gaming arcade. Mainly because it large size normally wouldn’t fit into a home space.


According to VRFocus, the 9D virtual cinema simulator system cost ranging from $6,000 – $23,800 USD. The system can be purchased directly from Guangzhou LongZe Electronic Technology Company or from Alibaba online mart.


Content Source: VRFocus


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