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VR Porn Is Future Of Adult Entertainment – VR Porn Virgin Experience

We didn’t think VR Porn was going to happen anytime soon when we first discovered the revival of the VR industry back in 2014, but in 2015, all of a sudden, we are seeing more and more well-produced and executed VR Porn content and new VR Porn related startups start to emerge in the consumer market and the VR industry. For a complete collection of VR porn industry related Youtube videos, check out this page.

The business model is viable and working! VR Porn has became available and easily accessible to worldwide consumers who owns a PC or Mobile based VR headset. Best of all, it caters people of both genders and different sexual preferences, so there is something for everyone.

We have collected some entertaining Youtube videos of people having their first VR Porn experience. And yes, these VR Porn virgins looked silly and awkward, but let’s face it, you gotta admit it, that’s probably how you and I looked like when you were having your first virtual porn experience, everybody looks lame and awkward while they are having fun watching VR Porn for the very first time. Absolutely no exception.

Hot Girls Gang First VR Porn Experience Using Samsung Gear VR Headset

Boom Tech Reviews took a set of Samsung Gear VR to a bar and showed it to a groups of young girls. Apparently they enjoyed it! I actually thought, VR Porn might be the perfect tool to be used to make girls laugh, break ice and start a decent and meaningful conversation! Who would say no to that?!!!

Huccio invades the 2015 AVN Porn Convention with Virtual Reality Porn – Reactions

The Huccio crew invades AVN Porn Convention with a VR mission! Check this cute girl enjoying virtual reality porn in lingerie.

BaDoinkVR Takes Virtual Porn To SF Street

The BaDoink team brought a set of Samsung Gear VR to the streets and park in San Francisco downtown, and gave random passing by people their first VR Porn demo experience using Samsung Gear VR with Galaxy Note 6. Their comments, testimonial and feedback are hilarious! Overall, they loved it!


The people who BaDoink team approached and talked were mostly couples for some reasons, they were all convinced that, this is the direction the future of porn is heading, and they seemed to enjoy their separate virgin VR Porn experience as a couple. Perhaps, in the near future, there would be highly interactive VR Porn experiences that can be enjoyed and shared by couples simultaneously. With the helps of some well-designed, more advanced, sensors-packed teledildonics with real-time haptic feedback!

People’s First-Time Virtual Reality Porn Viewing Experience

Complex invites people of both genders to test out virtual porn, and these people’s reactions are priceless! VR Porn will surprise anyone who is experiencing it for the first time! It is such a right up in your face experience!


complex logo


They will laugh, girls will giggle and screaming, and men will head home, go buy a VR headset and signup VR porn subscription. Everybody happy!


Musician’s VR Porn Reactions on Oculus VR Headset

We’d assume musicians get laid all the time, but do they still watch porn? You bet! Men, 99% if not all men would need those intimate porn viewing moments, there is no doubt about it! Complex invited some rappers and musicians to come to their studio and try out VR Porn for the very first time. Check out their first virtual reality porn encounters! Would any of them be making a rap track celebrating their memorable, first ever mind-blowing VR porn experience?

Old People Getting First Time VR Porn Experience On Oculus Rift

Generally speaking, most old people are considered late technology adapters. It took long long and long time to get most elders to switch and start using smartphone ( I knew because I used to work as a phone contractor at AT&T ). At least that was the case with my grand parents, but once they got a hold of it, they tend to go all the way, and progress at a lightening speed.

My grandma is using the newest iPhone 6S, and had just introduced me to Headspace app last month, a new mobile guided mediation app. The point here is that, we shall never under estimate the adaptation ability and purchasing power of these senior citizens between the age of 50-80 years old!

Ladies and gentlemen, this particular video from Complex, is possibly featuring the world’s first group of senior citizens to put on a VR headset and tried out virtual reality pornography! Just hilarious! I wished I had filmed my grand parents’ first VR porn encounter… Check out the reactions from these grandmas and grandpas! GOLDEN!

Old People Watch Virtual Reality PORN Recap

Complex Magazine showed some VR porn to a group of old people and asked what they thought about it.

360 porn startup

New VR Porn Services & Platform Marking a New Era of Virtual Porn

The VR porn industry only started in 2015, it was not long ago we see the first wave of VR porn being produced and became available for purchase. As it stands, a few virtual reality adult film producing companies have a considerable market edge in the industry. These were the early adopters of virtual reality titles who have been continuously improving and expanding the initial offerings. Other players in the industry are struggling to catch up with them. However, there are financially endowed companies that are expected to venture into the VR business and impact it significantly. Check out the first wave of VR porn companies and startups!

Virtual Adult Service Provider Making Porn For All Sexual Niche and Taste

VR Porn content makers are also making porn people with different sexual preferences. For sexy and sensual VR porn for the ladies: Shhh, Ersties, a French porn company with all female team making seductive lesbian porn. Companies such as above mentioned HoloGirlsVR, Virtual Porn 360 and Virtual Real Porn are also adding Lesbian porn to their ever-growing VR adult movie catalog! For men, there are also Virtual Real Trans , Virtual Real Gay , Teen Mega World VR , Real Teens VR , CzechVR Casting Scene to cater all porn desires! If you are into extreme and hardcore porn, Czech VR fetish, and the well-known fetish network, bondage and SM adult service Kinks has also launched its virtual reality section KinksVR, but be warned, Kinks’ service and content is definitely 100% NSFW and not for everyone.

These VR Porn startups are true pioneers, and the first wave of adult entertainment content producers and companies to release VR titles and continue to improve and expand those offerings. The remainder of the industry is now playing catch-up, but there are companies out there with a lot of money that will likely make some big moves into the VR world very soon.

Interactive / Wireless / Smartphone-Controlled Sex Toys For Virtual Reality

There are new and upcoming companies and startups that are making fantastic, high-tech and interactive sex toys that compliment and enhance user’s virtual reality porn viewing experiences. These companies had been working closely with 360 adult porn companies to introduce sex toys that interact and sync with 360 degree adult content. Robotic Blow’s AutoBlow2 and Kiiroo are among the best selling interactive sex toys and gadgets for one’s masturbation or lovers to enjoy.


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