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VirtualMate will be compatible with FB’s Latest VR Tool – Hand Tracking

VirtualMate will be the first adult product to utilize Oculus Quest’s newest feature Hand Tracking. This new feature was made for adult hands-free viewing of content and will be the first adult product to utilize this technology. Adult products and customers have a long history of helping technology find viability in a market and VirtualMate was made for a feature like Hand Tracking.

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“We strive to provide the deepest level of connection for a user as possible,” says Jeff Dillon, CEO, VirtualMate. “The addition of more natural, interactive tools, like hands-free control, and you can start to imagine a whole new world of connection and intimacy, where your virtual self begins to take on a life of its own.”

Features like this will reduce the barriers of entry to VR for people who may not be used to gaming controllers. Also, your hands are always on you and always on – you don’t have to charge them or your hands are easy to clean up if you get something on them like lube.

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The company hosted a crowdfunded project in September that broke first-day records for an adult product; now that VirtualMate is (more than) fully financed, Dillon says that the perfect ‘girlfriend’ is waiting to create a virtual world that soars far outside the lines of reality.

Right now, Super Early Bird buyers will receive deep discounts plus free lifetime upgrades and downloads, including every new model/adult star and scene addition to the VirtualMate system. Order now to take advantage of VirtualMate’s 60% off limited-time offer at virtual-mate.

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VirtualMate is the world’s first virtual intimacy system, a groundbreaking infrastructure of hyper-realistic software and a hands-on hardware tool called The Core. The California-based team of Unreal Engine developers and smart device engineers have committed years of time, money, and energy to devising an intimate virtual encounter so immersive and lifelike, users are losing sight of what’s real or fictional.

VirtualMate is now pre-launching on Indiegogo, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms, ahead of its official release in October 2019, and is encouraging models to visit the site at to become part of the innovative new world that interacts with fans in a whole new way.

VirtualMate is set to change the viewing habits of adult film viewers, offering a private, safe and truly unforgettable virtual intimacy experience. VirtualMate preserves the beauty and integrity of erotica while offering pure sexual pleasure and the satisfaction.

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