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VirWind: Virtual Reality Airflow & Wind Simulator Launched Kickstarter


VirWind is a virtual reality wind simulator, developed by a team based in Stockholm, Sweden and Saint Petersburg. The new VR startup is led by CEO Denis Lipanov and CFO Sergey Tkachenko. VirWind creates wind flow that synchronizes with user’s current gaming or movie experiences.


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Creating a truly immersive experience is one of the biggest challenges for virtual reality device and equipment makers, an authentic full immersion is what’s going to get the mass consumer hooked on virtual reality.



We now have motion and gaming simulators from The VOID, Cyberith Virtualizer, Feel Three, Birdly, Omni Virtuix, Kat Walk and SpaceWalker VR. VirWind is here to provide a more realistic immersion by using the wind, with the exact airflow and wind-blowing strength, and at the perfect timing when user is inside the VR game.


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Imagine in the virtual reality world or a VR game, you are riding a roller coaster, combating in a war, sky diving from a helicopter, and snowboarding on the Alps. It doesn’t really matter how immersive your view is inside the VR headset, you and your brain will not be 100% convinced by the VR experience, because the elements in the physical environment is not fully simulated. This is where VirWind comes in to offer a potentially viable solution!


birdly flying simulator

Birdly also has a fan attached to simulate wind-flow experience!


Wind simulation is not a brand new idea, Birdly for example, a flying simulator, also has a fan built in front of the device. However, VirWind has taken the idea one step further, and built a full-blown wind and airflow simulator that surrounds user from all directions, and simulate the wind-blowing and airflow realistically!


virtual reality virwind wind airflow simulator


VirWind has 4 x columns, each column has 4 built-in fans. Below is the complete specification:


  • Controller: 1 unit
  • Columns: 4 units
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight: ~8.7kg
  • Fans: 16 units, ~18,000 rpm
  • Effective distance: ~ 1.5m
  • Inputs: USB 2.0/3.0
  • U= 220 V


virwind synchroize game consoles

VirWind Game Console Synchronizing Challenge

VirWind will be designed to support VR headsets, Playstation, Xbox consoles. This is also the team’s main challenge, that is, to seamlessly and smoothly synchronize VirWind with gaming consoles and other VR devices.


To support VirWind, here is VirWind Kickstarter Page:


Content & Image Source: VirWind & Kickstarter


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