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Viscira® Capitalizes on Advances in Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

Augmented reality has experienced incredible growth since its introduction and is now having a transformative impact on the healthcare sector. According to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global augmented reality and virtual reality healthcare market is expected to reach USD $5.1 billion by 2025. Increasing adoption of AR advances in surgeries and medical training is helping drive this trend.

Viscira, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, is capitalizing on the improvements in AR technology by providing unique programs for its life sciences clients that include, and go beyond, applications in surgical simulations, diagnostic imaging, patient care management, rehabilitation, and health management.

One of the areas where Viscira is leveraging AR is in employee training, particularly for field-based sales representatives. Pharma companies are moving beyond the traditional classroom setting to train and educate staff. AR technology lends itself well to providing immersive, 3D learning experiences for the pharma reps.

These experiences can include using the Microsoft HoloLens to view and physically interact with a 3D image of a healthy, functioning organ like a heart. Viewers can see the impact of certain diseases on the appearance and performance of the organ. What’s more, the training instructor can view the same imagery at the same time as the participants, which allows him or her to provide additional real-time, voice-over commentary and education.

Viscira has also utilized AR for congress meetings to enhance the traditional convention booth display. By using the cameras on tablet devices like the iPad, Viscira has constructed AR booth exhibits that allow the user to access trigger points on printed media to unlock additional rich content such as 3D animation segments, KOL videos, animated charts and graphs, etc. This enables the user to go beyond the information presented in a print piece to learn more about a particular topic.

Hagop (Kane) Kaneboughazian, Viscira’s VP of Animation, commented on the use of AR technology for developing compelling communication programs for its clients: “We are very excited about the recent advances we are seeing with AR technology and the impact it can have on medical communications and marketing. We are actively exploring many new and different AR applications using the Microsoft HoloLens, iPad, and other devices such as the Meta 2, and we look forward to further developments.”

Viscira’s augmented reality programs are examples of the innovative digital solutions and interactive software applications the company offers. Viscira’s strategic approach, combined with its delivery of cutting-edge products, has resulted in an impressive roster of clients that includes 21 of the top 25 pharma and biotech companies in the world.

About Viscira
Viscira is dedicated to the design and development of digital marketing solutions and interactive software applications for the life sciences industry. Viscira provides a suite of programs that integrate best-in-class technology to deliver engaging and memorable content via various electronic channels. Viscira falls under the S&H Group, which is part of WPP Health & Wellness. For more information, please visit the company’s website at, or contact Noёl Ashekian at (617) 429-0834.


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