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VR Content Creation For You And Me

Generating virtual reality content has never been easier, you don’t have to be Dreamworks or Disney to create virtual worlds. Vizor is a virtual reality content creation and hosting platform, currently available on the Oculus goggles.



Think of it kind of like a YouTube-type content providing platform, but also assimilate easy-to-use tools that helps an average person to create and distribute virtual reality experiences via their web-browser.


The platform’s virtual reality content creation tools would enable anyone to create and submit virtual assets such as apps, games, and cinematic vr videos.



Vizor’s team emerged from Europe’s “Demoscene”, an underground programming subculture known to create high quality realtime animations using limited processing power. With Vizor’s visual programming editor software, you can create virtual worlds with modules and plug-ins in just a few minutes.

Author: VR Reporter

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