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Enter the Fascinating World of VR Adult Movie Industry

Porn Actress Ela Darling shot her first ever VR adult film back in 2014, which was even before the VR adult film industry got kickstarted. A industry pioneer and forerunner. Ela shot her first VR porn scene in a University of Maryland college dorm, wearing a cosplay R2-D2 bodysuit, the scene was recorded in a way as if she was chatting to a real person, so the audience would be immersed in VR from a first person POV. There was no other actor involved, it was just Ela and the camera rig, it was a sexy, seductive masturbation scene, namely one of the first VR adult films ever made!

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Ela Darling is no stranger to participating in porn shoot sets, she had been in the 2D adult industry ever since her early 20’s, and she made a quite successful career out of it. She has done everything from threesome, solo masturbation, lesbian scenes, bondage and hardcore interracials and etc… Just search her name the web, you will find tons of her previous pornography works. However, being a adult film industry veteran and an expert at pleasing and arousing her audience in a traditional 2D porn does not automatically guarantee quality performance in a 180, 240 or 360 degree VR adult film, simply because 3D VR porn are shoot with camera with multiple lens that records from different angles. Below is a video from BadoinkVR, that roughly illustrates how a 3D porn movie was made:

The ultimate goal is to allow the audience to be fully immersive in a virtual world that is so realistic, the audience is convinced that he or she is actually participating in the porn scene, this is one of the most interesting part about adult VR film, because in 2D porn, the audience feels very intimate, up close and personal.

We have seen the VR clip, and we must say, Ela had done a fantastic job as a first timer. And after her first VR adult film session, she was convinced that, this is the future of ponorgraphy industry.

Since 2014, VR adult film industry has expanded into a vibrant, profitable, established and still growing new industry with lots of potential. According to the Pornhub, the undisputed porn industry leader with highest site traffic, by the end of 2016, the number of daily visits average between 500,000-900,000. VR adult film is now officially one of the most popular categories on Pornhub, read more in this article.

The future scope of VR adult film industry is very promising, according to business consulting and investment management firm Piper Jaffray, adult VR content will be the third largest VR sector by the year of 2025, with a market size of $1 billion USD. Read this forecast from Piper Jaffray for more details. The growth and expansion of the industry is justifiable, as there are more and more investment being poured into VR adult film industry, since 2014, there are more than 50 new VR porn websites and studios had launched, and clearly, there are more VR porn videos than any other VR content.

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VR Adult Film Used as a Tool for Sex Education

Besides only as a new mean and a new form of adult entertainment, New York based Adult Film Studio BadoinkVR has a different vision that is beyond entertain, the studio has created a program called Virtual Sexology I and II, check their videos:

The series of videos is intended to educated both men and women to overcome common bedroom issues, and teaches straight men what do women really want. The series is both entertaining and educational, the series demonstrated that VR adult films can serve other purposes beyond entertainment.

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