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VR/AR Gaze-Based Adtech Token Gaze Coin Is Now Listed on QRYPTOS Cryptocurrency Exchange

Gaze Coin, a currency that provides AR/VR advertisers and creators trackable ROI by rewarding audiences for gaze-triggering content today announced its listing on leading Asian cryptocurrency exchange, QRYPTOS (a subsidiary of QUOINE).

The event marks the first major-exchange listing for Gaze Coin (token symbol GZE) since its recently-completed initial coin offering in late December.

Gaze Coin allows advertisers to drive gaze-powered campaigns across connected virtual and augmented worlds and apps (the “metaverse”). It also allows ecosystem participants to generate unique branded tokens that monetize their own respective worlds (games, products and content).

Further, the platform’s exchange technology allows even entry-level users to participate without having to hold Ethereum first and to earn and exchange Gaze Coin-powered tokens for zero fees inside a token marketplace. Gaze Coin has an extensive foothold in Asia with operations and a major percentage of its initial token investors based in Japan.

Headquartered in Tokyo, QRYPTOS parent company QUOINE is a top-3 global cryptocurrency exchange and the largest in Asia. QRYPTOS has already gained momentum as an exchange with its hands in VR/AR tech, currently also listing virtual world token Neverdie.

Research firm Digi-Capital forecasts the bulk of AR/VR revenues will come from Asia(particularly China, Japan and South Korea) over the next three years and IDC estimates the the VR market in Chinaalone will have grown more than 400% in 2017.

“QRYPTOS is a fantastic fit for Gaze Coin,” said Jonny Peters, CEO of Gaze Coin. “Their vision, innovation and dedication to digital reality tech made it an easy choice as our debut exchange.”

QRYPTOS will offer GZE/QASH, GZE/BTC and GZE/ETH pairs to start. Listing on QRYPTOS is a stepping stone to listing on parent QUOINEX, a JFSA (Japanese Financial Services Authority) approved exchange offering fiat pairs.

About Gaze Coin

Gaze Coin is a company and platform specifically designed to solve the monetization challenges of virtual worlds, bridging the gap between the promise of VR/AR and the ability for brands and content owners to capitalize on it. The Gaze Coin platform (token: GZE) is a patent-registered blockchain solution that securely stores ownership and transaction data about assets in virtual worlds and manages micropayments associated with content consumption.

Gaze Coin also produces interactive virtual reality experiences and environments that employ its platform. Gaze Coin was founded in 2017 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

About QRYPTOS (a subsidiary of QUOINE)

QUOINE is a leading global fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology.

With offices in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam, QUOINE combines a strong network of local partners with extensive team experience in banking and financial products to deliver best in class financial services for its customers.

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