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VR Bangers Celebrates ‘D.I.L.F.Y Day’ With Porn Actress Zoey Monroe

VR Bangers has announced the release of its Father’s Day-themed fantasy title, “D.I.L.F.Y Day,” featuring popular blonde porn star Zoey Monroe dressed as the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

According to the studio, being a father is an everyday struggle that mainly consists of responsibilities and a lot of sacrifices, but it rarely rewards all the patience and love. This led VR Bangers to take to heart the everyday work of dads from around the world, with the studio deciding to reward dads in their own unique way.

VR Bangers producer Alex Nash says that in “D.I.L.F.Y Day,” Monroe, while trying to repay her step-dad for all his hard work, blindfolds him and leaves the room, returning a few seconds later with a delicious cake, two glasses of tasty champagne and dressed as one of the most iconic actresses and sex symbols in the history of cinema — Marilyn Monroe.

“When planning to shoot this VR porn video, we were very careful when picking the appropriate actress,” Nash explains. “Perhaps Zoey is not a descendant of Marilyn, but we still believe that she has what it takes to play her role within this VR porn fantasy. After all, she is a beautiful blonde lady with some incredible talents and skills, and since everything went according to the plan (and even better!) we are really satisfied of the outcome of this production.”

“D.I.L.F.Y Day” was recorded using the studio’s new 6K ultra high definition standard in full 3D, 180-degree action.

“Zoey liked the idea of wearing stockings and pleasing her ‘sugar daddy’ so much, that she put a lot of herself into this production, so in effect the original scenario has been modified several times, allowing us to create something really unique all together,” Nash adds. “For example, squirting with champagne and the entire anal part was not originally scripted, and were added last minute — yet this is definitely something good and we are more than happy with the final version of this Father’s Day fantasia.”

VR Bangers’ “D.I.L.F.Y Day” can be seen here.

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