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It Turns Out That Natasha Nice Collects Something… Rather Unparalleled…

We are pretty sure that most of you are (or have had been) running a some kind of collection – after all, it is so much fun to add new pieces to your ever-growing selection of widely understood “things”, and why would not you do that?

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The VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers – for example, are collecting newer and newer professional VR porn stars and virtual reality porn scenes in their bigger and bigger library of VR porn experiences – and today they have just announced that they are adding another pair of those to their set!

But why have we started this article with talking so much about collecting stuff? Well, simply because this latest VR porn video from VR Bangers is all about enlarging your assemblage of items – in the Irresistible Collection 6K UHD VR porn movie it will turn out that Natasha Nice – extremely beautiful blonde babe VR porn star – is actually gathering a somewhat… unparalleled assortment of things.

No, we are not talking about cocks of their new sexual partners – even though when you are being a professional performer like her, you could indeed boast of a huge set of those – but about gathering as many… clocks as possible. Yeah, we know that the game of words is rather funny here, but this probably was an intended turn of events – after all, VR Bangers are known to have a little laugh from time to time and you better avoid visiting their website at around the April Fools, haha!

Anyway, getting back to more serious matters, inside of this latest VR porn scene, Natasha will find a yet another exhibit for her ever-growing collection – yet since she will not be able to afford it, she will have to come up with an alternative solution for getting it. And what is that? Well, we suspect that you can probably already guess that, but to get the exact answer you will have to watch this brand new VR porn scene after going to the producers’ website and becoming a member of their bigger and bigger community of VR porn’s fans.

“When we were coming up for the idea for this VR porn movie, it turned out that many folks in the VR Bangers’ company are collecting something, haha,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We asked ourselves: does that mean that professional VR porn stars that we are working with pretty much every day do that, too?

Well – at least in the Natasha’s case – it turned out to be true. And that is exactly how this newest VR porn movie was born – and hopefully you will enjoy it!” If you want to watch this VR porn scene, you will be able to do that after going to this link – Natasha’s collection and her hunger to extend it are waiting for your appearance, and the fun is about to begin any minute now! You could also head straight to the makers’ ma

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