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VR Bangers Unleashes First Hack Ever For PSVR Stereoscopic 3D Videos

VRBangers has announced the release of a simple four-step tutorial detailing how users can enjoy VR porn videos using Sony’s breakthrough PSVR visor.


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According to VR Bangers’ Boris Smirnoff, tech-forward porn fans have been clamoring for adult content tailored for the PlayStation VR.

“Many people have been struggling with the fact the all their PSVR videos can only be watched in Mono, which was a big disappointment for PSVR fans,” Smirnoff says. “VR Bangers has now released a legal hack guide for PSVR fans that enhances their experience and enables them to watch all of the VR Bangers’ virtual reality videos in 3D Stereoscopic [mode].”

One of 2016’s most highly anticipated products, the PlayStation VR headset has reportedly sold more than one million units since its October debut, but accessing porn on the PlayStation VR device wasn’t easy to do until now.

“PSVR porn on VR Bangers is great for fans,” Smirnoff says. “The experience is mind blowing and gives a completely different fully immersive feeling as compared to the standard mono [mode].”

Smirnoff explains that more choice leads to more customer satisfaction.

“That correlates to even better conversions for affiliates,” Smirnoff concludes, “providing exciting opportunities for every webmaster who joins in to capitalize on the increasing popularity of virtual reality porn during its PSVR rise.”

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