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VR Educate and Virtual Content Group announce VR Content Production “The Three Kingdoms” as “Tomorrow” receives Top Honor Apollo Award

VR Educate ( VRE ) received top Honor at 2017 Apollo Awards’ “Immersive Experience (Virtual Reality Experience) Award” with “ Tomorrow – the Evolution of Language “. Tomorrow is a Virtual Reality experience produced by Future Lighthouse Production and it is about the evolution of language. Mei Ah Digital Technology Limited was instrumental in creating localised versions of Tomorrow which has most recently screened at the Hong Kong and Macau schools.

Also today, Virtual Content Group (VCG) and VR Educate announced the co-production of the VR version of the famous “Three Kingdoms and Borrowed Arrows” Chinese novel. The experience will take the viewer right in the middle of one of the most epic tales in Chinese culture. Production will be a collaborative process between VCG’s Paris office, which was previously awarded by the International VR Society for their outstanding 3D 360 CGI skills, and VR Educate’s head office in Hong Kong.

Lanny Huang, Founder and CEO of VR Educate added “We’re excited to announce this co-production with one of the leading VR companies in the world. The story has been requested by many of our customers which includes private and public schools and their students in eight Asian countries.”

The two companies have collaborated on smaller-scale co-productions and content licensing before. Torsten Hoffmann, CEO of Virtual Content Group added, “Our company with operations in Germany, France and Australia is perfectly suited for international co-productions and we look forward to developing this experience with our Asian partner. Many of our American and European customers have already expressed interest in this project.” The two parties are still looking for distribution and financing partners to kick off production.

About Tomorrow – the Evolution of Language

“Tomorrow” is a virtual reality experience produced by Future Lighthouse Production using narrative techniques. The experience interacts with us through time and space, from the prehistoric caves, from the Amazon jungle to the Himalayas, and from computer-generated imageries to real footages, so as to emphasis the importance of language as technology progresses. And as technology progresses, enhancement of interpersonal communication follows. Through virtual reality, people can build, record, and thus share each other’s mind as an experience, as if it has really happened to themselves. As the new language of the future, virtual reality shall become the best tool for humanity to progress through communication.

About Three Kingdoms & Borrowed Arrows

Romance of Three Kingdoms is a Chinese novel, described as influential to Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been to the West. Teeming with compelling stories and characters that display vivid individuality and heroism, this book is well loved and read in China and its neighboring countries. The Romance of the Three Kingdom is acclaimed as one of the four great classics novels of Chinese literature and is part of the Chinese educational curriculum. The stories have been retold in numerous forms including television series, manga and video games.

About Apollo Awards

First launched in 2005, the Apollo Awards is an initiative aimed at honoring the best in production and post-production across Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on the creative and technical mastery behind the scenes. In recent years, the fluid nature of talent migration in the production and post-production industry, coupled with the growth of Asia Pacific’s media and entertainment industry, has drawn top talent to the region and elevated the quality of work produced in this region. To reflect this growing expertise, the Apollo Awards seeks to showcase and reward more niche specialties in production and post-production in the years to come.

About Virtual Content Group

Virtual Content Group (VCG) is a leading global VR content company offering end-to-end production, post-production and licensing services. With a background in stereoscopy, operations spanning thirteen countries and over 50 major clients worldwide, VCG is an international powerhouse with a focus on high-end branded and award-winning factual content. The company has produced and collaborated on more than 150 360-degree videos and owns distribution rights to a growing library of over 80 titles. VCG was founded in 2016 as three established companies from Australia, Germany and France completed a merger. Learn more at www.VirtualContentGroup.com.

About VR Educate

VR Educate provides fully immersive virtual reality education experience to help educate students of all ages, races and segments in Asia. Through its immersive virtual-reality educational experiences, VR Educate aims to enrich the learning of students across Asia VR Educate provides the foundation to do so with VR Room, VR Lab and VR Content Platform for schools and other educational institutions.

Website : www.vr-educate.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LannyVREducate/

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