CAM4 & Erotica Mobile App Lazeeva Announced Partnership For VR Live-Cam Service

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CAM4 & Alternative Mobile App Market Place Lazeeva Partnered to Bring VR Adult Live-Cam to Global Audiences

Lazeeva is a Android-based mobile app market place for erotica x-rated content, live-streaming, dating service, games and etc… Founded in December 2015 by three founders and backed by two seed-investors from Norway and Switzerland. The company had just announced a new partnership with CAM4 to develop a VR app.  CAM4 is namely one of the largest adult live-cam service and platform. CAM4's spinoff division and virtual reality live-cam streaming service, the CAM4VR is among the leading webcam portals and live VR adult cam services.


Ela Darlin with Lazeeva CEO Tilmann Petersen.


The service enable porn stars to perform live, chat and interact in VR for their audiences via VR headsets. The VR app is created by CAM4, featuring celebrity porn stars such as porn actress and CAM4VR's spokesperson Ela Darlin herself, Ela Darlin is one of the most active VR porn advocates in the scene.

“Live VR interactivity creates incredibly engaging personal and erotic experience shared with a remote partner that is as close to a real encounter as it can probably get. You can even connect interactive sex toys that ultimately translate the immersive virtual experience into a physical feeling. This is the closest to real sex that we can achieve right now in VR.” Ela Darlin


“The brand’s partnership with CAM4 stands for positive adult entertainment for women, men, and couples, with plans to launch CAM4VR Gay with new male performers. Given the mainstream success of live-streaming apps in Asia, the potential of live VR concepts in erotica is boundless beyond Western markets.” Ela Darlin

VR porn producers and studios are seeing a bright future for pre-recorded VR adult content, studios such as Naughty America VR, WankzVR and Virtual Real Porn GroupVirtual Real Porn Group are doing great and release new videos weekly, however, Lazeeva CEO Tilmann Petersen has different vision, Petersen sees an alternative vision when it comes to VR adult entertainment, according Petersen, that the brightest future of VR adult entertainment is not in pre-record porn but in interactive VR live-cam. Live cam VR and interactive sex toy for VR are among most popular trends on Lazeeva app's built-in store.

“For VR-porn, we see strong initial interest and turnover, yet retention rates are mostly in line with what we know from other well-developed apps out there. However, what made our heads turn was the performance of CAM4VR-app!”  Lazeeva CEO Tilmann Petersen.

Lazeeva is currently preparing for its international official launch after its beta-testing. Lazeeva and CAM4 is collaborating to gain more mobile-based device global users around the world. Peterson said that CAM4's global audience base is likely to bring more exposure for the app upon its official launch scheduled for July 2017.

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