Virtual Reality Strip Club VRClubz Debuts Exclusive BTS ‘Dev Diary’ Video

Adult virtual reality innovators VixenVR have released an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production of its VRClubz Gold Club SF VR experience.

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One of the most iconic gentlemens’ clubs in the world, the Gold Club SF is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco and is where players from top gaming and tech companies go for lunch and enjoy a buffet that is only rivaled by the never-ending roster of beautiful women.

VRClubz knew this was an ideal venue for the creation of a high-end gentlemens’ club experience in VR.

“The Gold Club SF VR experience is unlike anything out there in the VR space right now,” VixenVR’s Jimmy Hess told XBIZ. “We partnered with one of the top adult VR gaming companies, modeVR, which has already produced blockbusters in this space [such as] ‘Temptation Towers’ and ‘VixenVR.’”

Hess said the team is stacked with film creators and game developers lead by Daniel DiLallo a former lead designer at Activision known for his work on “Guitar Hero” and “Call off Duty.”

“The vision for this game was to make it as real as possible so the user can have the most realistic gentlemen’s club experience to date!” Hess exclaimed. “Gold Club SF VR features a unique blend of video production and game development never before seen in a video game. The experience is both immersive and interactive.”

The video reveals some of the technical challenges that had to be overcome along the way.

“There are so many moving parts when you create experiences that combine game development and film production,” Hess explained. “You are working with two separate ‘beasts’ that have to be morphed into one. In the end, they have to be able to communicate with each other for a cohesive and compelling experience.”

Streaming multiple 360 3D videos inside a game and creating seamless transitions between the videos without the user knowing is just one of many challenges the team faced.

“We couldn’t store the videos inside the game; it would require a 50-gigabyte game to download,” Hess added, “so we had to stream everything which was another major challenge.”

The company also needed to develop an advanced microtransaction system to allow flexible billing and other features to enhance the user experience.

“It knows when the user is spending money and on what — making it fun to spend cash just like in the brick mortar clubs. There is also the dynamic lighting system inside the game that gives the girls shadows and allows light to bounce off them to make them blend in with the environment effectively,” Hess concluded. “Honestly, the list goes on and on but [it] was all worth it!”

The Gold Club SF VR experience is available in three versions: for PC that does not rely on a VR headset, for Oculus, and for HTC Vive, with other platforms under development. Four types of memberships are offered, starting at a dollar a day.

VRClubz is one of the companies participaing in the inaugural XBIZ VR Shootout, June 1, at the XBIZ Miami Interactive Summit.


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