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VR Worldwide, Inc. Announces VR World NYC’s One-Year Anniversary and over 1,000,000 VR Experiences Played

VR WORLDWIDE INC., North America’s largest Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment destination, reaches 1,000,000 VR Experiences played by visitors since opening its doors to the public in late June of 2017.

An attraction by day, an entertainment lounge by night, VR World lets visitors take a deep dive into the captivating world of over 50 guided VR experiences creating emotional moments of fun and sharable memories. VR World seamlessly morphs VR into a social outing by fostering an environment that promotes interaction amongst visitors in ways unlike any other VR location-based entertainment (VR LBE).

“Consumer is king,” says Co-Founder, Leo Tsimmer. “We showcase the best of what AR/VR have to offer in a hybrid setting of a nightclub meets art gallery meets theme park. This turns the very definition of VR upside down. What would have been a lonely experience at home becomes an adventure to limitless destinations and a treasure chest of memories at VR World. People want to touch the future. They engage with our brand through a personalized experience that is familiar yet uncanny, inspiring both mystery and nostalgia. We humanize our brand and our product. VR World is easy, entertaining and unforgettable. We will now expand to over 18 major markets across United States and beyond.”

VR LBE is emerging as one of the fastest growing sectors in VR. According to the latest Future Source Consulting VR Tracker Report, consumers are expected to spend $299 million on location-based VR entertainment in 2018 alone. The industry will be generating $809 million in worldwide revenue by 2022.

Jonathan Ekoubli, Head of Business Development and Sales said, “Today, in the landscape of mostly by pay-to-play arcades, we see the opportunity to expand our brand by capitalizing on the consumer’s desire for 21st century entertainment. We created a sustainable business model with multiple sales channels. Our educational program is second to none. Combined with group sales and community engagement, these elements will continue to fuel our evolution and growth.”

VR World’s Head of Content Tommy Goodkin stated, “VR World is a venue that leverages cutting edge platform to create an unforgettable adventure that starts the minute you walk in. We present a tightly curated, but accessible ecosystem of VR content, from art and films to gaming and thrill rides. More importantly, we set the stage for a social experience that’s rooted in bringing people together.”

VR World’s constantly growing library from the most popular publishers and newest innovators in VR includes experiences from Survios, Vertigo, and Google, films from studios including MK2 and Baobab, and unique simulators from Moveo, D-Box, and Icaros. The company sees a bright future ahead, with products in the pipeline including entertainment, lifestyle, education and media.


Founded in 2017, VR Worldwide Inc. is an entertainment technology company operating location-based entertainment venues. VR World NYC is the largest Mixed Reality Destination in the United States, showcasing over 50 unique experiences from art and film to gaming and multiplayer features. The company’s proprietary queuing and management systems coupled with the revolutionary approach to turning a group of VR experiences into a socially engaging entertainment propelled the company’s leadership position in the industry. VR World is redefining entertainment through merging culture and cutting edge technology, turning the best of virtual and augmented reality into an immersive recreation delivering lasting memories.


VR Worldwide Inc.
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