VRCreed Self-Introduction

We have created this platform because we have understood the power that Virtual Reality will gain in the future. We believe that VR will replace TV and, maybe unfortunately, even social interactions.


VRCreed is a marketplace where VR content producers (being them games, videos or educational content) can upload their work, in a simple manner and with little effort. Each producer will have after registration a vendor account, and he/she can manage their products in terms of pricing, sales, metrics.




On the other hand, www.vrcreed.com is the place where any VR user can come and easily download any content he/she would like for their specific VR set. We are talking about Cardboard, Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung. The virtual reality content consists in movies, games, videos, sports, educational and medical, which can be operated on Windows, Mac, Android or IOS.


We want this platform to reach a wide audience, a worldwide actually, and we are constantly working to improve it and to offer the perfect experience for the users. In the future, we intend to have a Live Streaming section, for concerts and sports events. At the end of the day, we would like to point out once again that the VR industry is yet an emerging market and we see in it a huge potential in the following years. Thank you for your time and if you need any other information, you can reach us at office@vrcreed.com

Created: 20.03.2016

Origin: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Owners: Paul Boncutiu, Razvan Cuceu

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Author: VR Reporter

I am a hi-tech enthusiast, VR evangelist, and a Co-founder & Chief Director at Virtual Reality Reporter!

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