Why These Hollywood Execs Are Building a VR Social Media Platform

Vrenetic, a Hollywood-based company with 7-digit seed funding, is about to launch Vresh, a next-generation social media platform that aims to make VR a more everyday social interaction.

By giving users a platform to broadcast their lives in 360-degree immersive video, Vresh, is the first to break VR’s traditional mold of niche users, expensive gear, and corporate content and is currently enlisting 360 content creators for their beta program, ahead of its October launch.

About Vrenetic

Led by acclaimed entertainment executives Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Stargate, Godzilla, etc.) and Marco Weber, the company is an example of how Hollywood is developing its own technology to power the future of entertainment.

Roland and Marco believe the future of video and social media is live and on-demand 360 immersive experiences and want Vresh to become a distribution channel.

Their proprietary technology for conducting 360 video calls (like Facetime but in 360-degree video) is impressive and Vresh is also in the works of developing cost-effective 4K and 2K 360 cameras as well as low-cost and easily portable 360 glasses to make VR viewers more accessible and portable than the bulky Occulus Gos of the world.

Author: VR Reporter

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