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VRplay 2015 @ Beijing, China

Virtual Reality Reporter team was invited to Beijing, China as a media partner to attend the 2nd annual VRplay Expo. VRplay is largest VR community in China, a hub for nationa-wide Chinese VR / AR enthusiasts, developers, and gamers-alike.





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The 2 days VR focused event ended successful with a lasting impression that, China’s VR ecosystem will soon become one of the largest VR ecosystem around the globe. With more than 100 companies with plans to build their own head mounted devices and developing motion capture solutions, and well over 200k registered indie game developers and studios. China’s VR community is more vibrant than ever!




Well known VR companies include HTC、Perception Neuron、Ximmerse、Cerevrum and KAT VR had joined the event!




There are some cute cosers as your guide at the event!






Ximmerse – Precise Motion Capture Solution

This is our first time trying on Ximmerse’s mocap system and solution, and it is impressive! Ian from Ximmerse team told us that the developer kit is on sale for $149 USD, and plans to ship in Q1 2016! The team flys to Las Vegas for CES, so be sure to visit their booth, booth number 27020!






Cerevrum – Speech Center VR

Natasha and Taisa from Cerevrum came all the way from Russia to demo Speech Center VR, the silver awards winner from Oculus VR Jam! Speech Center VR is quite impressive, you can also upload your own presentation while you practice! This is perhaps my favorite experience from Oculus VR Jam!








KAT VR – Motion Simulator Succeed On Kickstarter

KAT VR is Omni-directional threadmill and motion simulator solution and equipment maker based in China, the company’s Kickstarter succeeded back in August. During VRplay, KAT VR also had a speed racing car simulator on-site for demo. We tried and it was very impressive! I’d say more impressive than most simulators we had tested so far around the globe in various VR events.




PERFANT 360 Camera

PERFANT 360 camera record at 4K resolution, and with 40 engineer and developers, PERFANT is aiming to provide a record on-the-go and portable solution for 360 immersive journalism and entertainment!





IMPRESSION Pi is head mount device that combines VR and AR into one package. When the lid is opened, user’s phone turns into a AR device with hand gesture tracking.



遊戲蠻牛 vr

遊戲蠻牛 Hosting VR Game Jam

遊戲蠻牛 is one of China’s largest gaming communities, with over 200k gamers and developers. The community is host a VR game jam this in 2015, and ends in early 2016. Check out the official page.



SUREAL – VR Indie Game Studio

超凡視幻 SUREAL is one of the first batch of Chinese developers that received HTC Vive headset developer’s kit, and is currently developing with Oculus DK2 and HTC as content provider. The VR demo was pretty impressive! Check out SUREAL official website!


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