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Point-and-shoot camera, one button stitching technology and near real-time processing brings immersive content creation to the masses

HumanEyes Technologies, a leader in photographic 3D, computer vision and lenticular graphic arts, has announced new technical capabilities and started taking orders of VUZE VR camera, the groundbreaking 3D 360° VR video camera and software studio that captures and renders 3D and 2D VR content in near real-time and with a super easy interface and a click of one button.


Priced at an astonishing $799, VUZE is less than 3% of the cost of the Facebook Surround 360 ($30,000) and less than 2% of the cost of the NOKIA OZO ($60,000), bringing immersive content creation to the masses.


Available at for $799, the pre-order bundle includes the VUZE Camera and software studio, VR headset, purposely engineered ‘selfie stick’ and tripod, stylish carrying case and a newly designed handle for alternative ways to hold the device. Pre-orders begin May 12, 2016 with shipping in the fall of 2016. While people need to register a pre-order to secure this price and guarantee their place among the first to receive VUZE, no payments will be taken until shipping.


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Vuze 360 Degree Camera Set to Change the VR landscape

The VUZE Camera combines advanced 3D and 2D capture technology using 8 Full HD cameras within an easy-to-use ‘point and shoot’ form-factor generating 4K resolution 360 video. The VUZE Studio brings groundbreaking advances in 360 3D content creation with state-of-the-art stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending that mimics the way the human eye interacts with the brain to form pictures in the mind. VUZE content can be viewed and enjoyed on any VR platform, headset or 3D device or TV.

“We are excited to be taking orders of VUZE and believe it will help fuel the creation of immersive content, something all VR platforms are trying to encourage,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO HumanEyes Technologies. “Current VR cameras either require advanced editing skills or in the case of other 3D solutions, demand Hollywood type budgets. With VUZE, we are democratizing VR content creation and putting it in reach of everyday consumers.”

VUZE is a game changer in the following was:

  • Price: A cost within reach of consumers as well as professional movie makers and videographers
  • Ease of use: The point-and-shoot camera is super easy to operate and the software’s ability to stitch with the touch of one button and with near real-time processing (one minute of processing for one minute of footage) eliminates the need for lengthy or complicated post-production
  • Quality: On current playback platforms, VUZE offers the same level of 3D 360 quality as you would experience with NOKIA, Facebook or Google products at a fraction of the cost. With 8 full HD cameras for 2D content, it has superior quality to existing cameras, which typically use 2 to 4 cameras
  • Size: The highly portable, lightweight design brings VR content creation to the realms of point and shoot photography and even fits in most trouser pockets. No rigs or bulky equipment are required.


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VUZE CAMERA – Making 3D VR content easy as point-and-click

VUZE is built on its own technology architecture and can be controlled by a dedicated iOS and Android app. Eight full HD cameras simultaneously capture images, videos and sound to facilitate full stereophonic and 3600 3D spherical content.

Each camera uses lenses that capture 1200 horizontal FOV and 1800 vertical FOV that together generate 4K 360 VR content. Since the VUZE camera can easily generate #d and 2D content, it is like having two cameras in one. Its 8 FHD cameras deliver one of the highest quality 2D content experiences on the market and greatly reduce the effects of flare and peripheral distortion associated with ultra-wide fisheye lenses.

The camera’s battery and removable SD card allows for up to one hour of video capture and internal processing and compression capabilities produce H.264 HD video files for editing. Featuring a stylish, ergonomic design, the VUZE camera is available in red, yellow, black and blue.


VUZE STUDIO – Post-production at a push-of-a-button

The VUZE Studio uses a powerful algorithm that automatically carries out a host of complex editing and stitching functions such as camera calibration, vignette, fisheye and perspective correction, white balance and exposure correction as well as stereo alignment for consistent parallax. This is done in moments and at a touch of a button.

Whether an expert or complete editing novice, the VUZE studio makes it easy to quickly create and share hi-res VR videos. Available on both PC and MAC, it boasts near real-time processing and almost seamless stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending.

Conventional stitching techniques merge images together at regular linear points which can result in images appearing slightly disjointed when they intersect detailed or complicated objects. Adaptive Blending solves this by identifying objects the human eye is drawn to such as straightedges, light contrasts and faces, then blends around them to create a seamless stitched image.

It does this within each frame mimicking the way our eyes work with our brains. Just as the brain fills in information delivered by the eyes, VUZE Studio combines captured images with intelligence to form a perfect picture.

Full technical specs of the VUZE camera and software studio can be seen here. Examples of content created by VUZE can be seen here. If you watch online, you will see the 2D quality but a VR headset is required to experience VUZE in its true 3D glory.

PROVEN HERITAGE – Created by leaders in 3D image technology

VUZE was created by HumanEyes Technologies, a leader in photographic 3D and computer vision. Founded in 2000, it currently holds over 70 patents in various fields of 3D associated technologies. VUZE was created after more than two years of research and development at its headquarters within the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The company’s leadership includes industry visionaries such as Prof. Shmuel Peleg, a world expert in computer vision and image processing and Benny Landa, known as the father of digital printing and former founder and CEO Indigo Digital Printing acquired by HP in 2002.



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