Real Virtuality Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb SIGGRAPH

Real Virtuality Presents: Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb @ SIGGRAPH 2015

Artanim Foundation partnered with Kenzan Media Labs and released a VR project called “Real Virtuality.” Artanim Foundation was founded in 2011 by three motion capture specialist: Caecilia Charbonnier, Clementine Lo and Sylvain Chagué. It is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promote motion capture technology. Artanim is the spin-off of the foundation.

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Artanim: real-time motion capture, real time interaction and animation, software development.

kenzan real virtuality partner

Kenzan Media Labs: 3D visual effect and modeling of virtual environments.



Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb @ SIGGRAPH 2015

Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb” one of the first brainchild of Real Virtuality project as a multiplayer mixed reality experience. A room-scale VR experience that explores ancient Egyptian tomb.


“Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb” allow users to explore an ancient Pharaoh’s tomb that is not accessible in real world. Players explore by foot the tomb, carrying a (virtual) torch to explore their surroundings, equipped with a wireless VR headset, a vest that provides haptic feedback, and a computer in a backpack.


Walking through a Pharaoh’s Tomb @ SIGGRAPH 2015
Real Virtuality’s technology and concept enable users to explore and interact with the ancient tomb and objects within, with your body, you can walk around physically and touch objects physical objects that looks like something else in virtual world with your hands!


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Real Virtuality was selected as one of three teams to compete for the Immersive (AR/VR) Contest at SIGGRAPH 2015, to create and showcase the best augmented/virtual reality experiences possible using today’s technologies.


Artanim siggraph 2015 finalist

Artanim announced on Twitter about the SIGGRAPH 2015 Finalist Entry!

The idea behind Real Virtuality project is to enable players to physically move within the virtual and physical space, a room-scale mixed reality experience that enables users to get out of their seats and interact with virtual object and space. According to Artanim, this would be achieved by combining VR headsets with a physical decor and interactive objects.


Laptop In A Backpack = Locomotion Solution?

The key is to have the setup and deco in the physical space exactly matching the virtual environment, as well as motion capture cameras covering all possible angles. Visitors are equipped with a specially marked VR headset, a laptop backpack and slip sets of markers on their hands and feet. The setup process can be completed in less than a minute.


motion capture suit

Full body suit equipped with motion tracking sensors


The laptop carried by the visitor as a backpack is a fresh idea, the laptop is running the main VR application, a workstation is controlling the motion capture system simultaneously.


Data synchronization between the laptop and workstation is performed wirelessly via wifi and allows free user movements within the dedicated space. Several users can be present in the virtual space at the same time, as they are able to see and interact with each other.


Potential Application For Real Virtuality Technology

Potential Application For Real Virtuality Technology

Multiplayer entertainment and gaming experience: such as laser tags, survival game, paint ball are perceived as physical gaming experience, but it would be super cool to combine the physical experience with virtual reality. According to Artanim, the setup is simple, the setup can be “rearranged periodically to create new “maps” and enhance re-usability.”


Theme Park & Entertainment Centre: theme parks combining with AR & VR is a hot topic in 2015, with other VR powered theme park like The VOID and Landmark’s L.I.V.E. Centre planning to launch in the near future. It could be one of the earliest forms of mixed reality entertainment targeting consumer market. Full-scale simulators and broad physical space to mix with virtual space is required, definitely not a home-based entertainment.


Art Installation / Exhibition: Real Virtuality will enable museums and art galleries to expose inaccessible or vanished historical sites and rare paintings to the audiences in virtual reality, the experience can also be interactive, educational and entertaining!


Content Source: Artanim,Facebook, Twitter, 99 Rifters

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