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Warpaint: A Miniatures Wargame & Model Painting VR Game

Warpaint is a turn based strategy where you command an army of dwarves and launch catapults. Strike fear into your opponent with your customized, painted army. Victory is won through superior tactical positioning and siege dexterity. Climb the rankings and brag about your battle born brains. The game is easy to learn, quick to play, and maintains tension at a relaxed pace.



Your dwarves attack and capture pieces similar to hexagonal chess. Use catapults to assault castle walls and break open gates.
The game is designed to be a fresh approach to classic tabletop war games such as Chess, Warhammer, and Siege.
Do away with the rule-books, manuals, and tedium of dice rolling, play Warpaint!
Other features include ranked matchmaking, army painting, and VR support.

Game Features
-Tactical and physics strategic combat
-Army Painter: you can paint your models in full detail and then field them on the battlefield!
-Online Ranked Matchmaking
-Local multiplayer (Hotseat)
-Local multiplayer (Vive + Keyboard & Mouse)
-Cross platform multiplayer: Mac, PC, and VR can all play in the same game.
-Play online with Steam friends
-Artificial Intelligence, play against the computer

Platform Specific features

HTC Vive
Designed from the ground up to suit virtual reality. All features available to regular users are also available in Virtual Reality. Supports seated, standing, and room scale experiences. Official support for Occulus coming soon.
This game is particularly appealing to fathers who wish to share a VR game with their children, since you may play against each other on the same computer — with a single copy of the game. One person inside VR, the other controlling the keyboard and mouse. (See Quote #1)

“My younger son, 13 and me spent an hour in Warpaint swapping the headset over each turn. that is the longest he has ever played a vr game says it is great so well done” – HappyOtter


“It’s a fun miniatures tabletop game without the expense of the tables or the miniatures.” – twynstar

“Good luck with the launch, I really enjoyed your game” – Centagon


“Played a little single player by myself and enjoyed a challenging defeat. Thanks for creating such a great game! I can’t wait to see it grow even more.” – Funkbass87

Ladder was started in late 2016 with the goal of bringing high quality and affordable gameplay to virtual reality. The company is full of young talent who draw on years of experience as gamers in the game modification community. Adam Thompson, fresh out of university, is the mastermind behind Ladder’s first title “Warpaint”. Influenced by his well-wasted youth playing games with his close cousins, he loves programming new experiences for the next generation of players. Bernie Anderson is the game’s artist. He’s an avid tabletop wargamer and his passion is surpassed only by his work’s quality. Michael Fraser is a professional musician and an avid gamer. His uniquely progressive music will never leave your ears. The company plans to support Warpaint as they plan their next title.

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