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Watch Warren Buffet Play Ukulele & Bill Gates sing together in this VR Video

Bill Gates is bullish about the upcoming VR technology and the recent video that he shot in the 360 degree frame has him even singing in it. The video to be found in the Gates Notes site showcase him and Warren Buffet, the noted investor; post a blog where they get together for snacks and a ride on the golf cart as well as sings as Warren plays the ukulele. Check out the video on this page!1
The video has great appeal, especially the part where Bill Gates gets over his initial hesitation and joins Buffett when he plays and sings the song I’ve Been Working on the Rail Road. The informal video definitely works towards cementing their friendship that began about 25 years ago when Gates met Buffett when he was visiting his mother. Both today share common insights in business as well as common passions.


The song is only for a few seconds who can be watched in the browser, but it can also be viewed with the Gates Note link or by trying out the Google Cardboard app through a headset. Gates is exploring ways of harnessing the VR technology and how it can be used to document footages in developing countries. His former company is planning to create a console for VR apps to run.

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