WEARVR Universal App for VR HMD

Universal Virtual Reality Game App Store For All VR Headsets

An universal VR app store is finally here! Many existing VR content stores like the Oculus Share store, only offer VR content for specific VR head-mounted displays. Users with a different brand VR goggles would have to deal with finding VR content elsewhere. Here is a perfect solution !!


wearvr app store


WEARVR saw this lack of an universal VR content store as an opportunity, and launched an universal VR app store in July, 2014. Within just five months after their debut, WEARVR achieved over 200,000 downloads on their universal VR app store.


WEARVR recently announced completion of a $1.5 million USD round of fund raising to grow their one-stop VR content store.


Currently there are over 900 titles available, and over 200,000 downloads to-date on WEARVR’s virtual reality marketplace. This is a stunning result considering no major consumer VR headsets are out in the market yet.


WEARVR app store includes VR apps from Mac, Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android platforms. Currently, twelve supported head-mounted displays are:


-Oculus Rift DK1

-Oculus Rift DK2

-Durovis Dive


-Google Cardboard

-Samsung Gear VR

-Sony Project Morpheus

-Carl Zeiss VR One



-HTC Vive


wearvr virtual reality app store

WEARVR Weekly Top Tens (4/3/2015)

1. “GridCoaster” by Infinite Production (Rift Dk1+2/Windows)

2. “Welcome to VR” by Hoot (Rift Dk1+2/Windows)

3. “Haunted Mansion” by Dco Javier Encinas (Rift Dk2/Windows)

4. “Terminator VR” by Matthew Thorns (Rift Dk1+2/Windows)

5. “Experiences Pack-Cartoon” by EXO U (Rift Dk1+2/Windows)

6. “HELIX-The Next Level” by The Virtual Dutch Men (Rift DK2/Windows/Mac/Linux)

7. “Sensorium Shapeshifter VR Experience” by Sensorium (Rift Dk2/Windows)

8. “Venezia for Rift” by UE4ARCH (Rift DK2/Windows)

9. “Web Browser” by EXO U inc (Rift DK1+2/Windows)

10. “INSURGENT: Shatter Reality” by Kite and Lightening (Rift DK1+2/Mac/Windows/Android)



With the influx of capital, WEARVR plans to grow their community, improve user experience, and increase available content on their universal VR app store. WEARVR is planning to launch a mobile app to enable people to discover VR software right on their smartphone. In the future, the company also plans to enable developers to upload and manage their own VR app listings


Unlike existing platforms like Samsung Gear VR’s Milk VR and the Oculus Share store who curate their VR content. I think WEARVR is on their way to become a YouTube of VR content, where indi-game developers and VR filmmakers can come together to share their latest demos and creations.

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