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XR Bootcamp Launching Advanced XR Development Master Class – Quest 2 Included

XR Bootcamp is pleased to announce the October 12th launch of the online Hand Tracking and Interaction Design Master Class. In this 8-week online Master Class, participants become proficient in hand tracking, and advanced interaction design. Participants will also receive a free Quest 2, the newly announced Oculus virtual reality device, to assist in their development projects.

“XR developer jobs are growing fast, and the high-quality professional development training in the Master Class helps meet that explosive demand. We work closely with industry professionals and designed the Master Class to be very hands-on and meet real business needs. Creating realistic physics-based interactions is incredibly challenging, and we’re dedicated to closing the skills gap as a Unity Authorized Training Partner.” Rahel Demant, Co-Founder of XR Bootcamp

Participants in the XR Bootcamp Master Class have access to over 70 hours of advanced online and live training, weekly mentor sessions, weekly hands-on assignments, guest lectures from industry experts, and are treated to in-VR graduation ceremonies. The Master Class is taught by industry professionals Roger Kueng and Dennys Kuhnert, co-founders of Holonautic.

“Attending the Principles workshop is a great first step for devs, designers, and anyone interested in XR development or human-computer interactions (HCI) Professionals from Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Samsung, Autodesk, Unity, Toyota, Ubisoft, and Magic Leap attended previous workshops and their overall response was very positive. The extensive 8-week Master Class for XR developers is the next step. Participants finish the Master Class with practical, applicable development skills.” Dennys Kuhnert, Creator of the Hand Physics Lab and Co-founder of Holonautic.

The Master Class also provides experienced mentors and a private Slack group for real-time troubleshooting. Beginner level developers will feel at home as assignments offer difficulty modifiers to help them succeed on their own terms. The Master Class is in partnership with SideQuest and based on the Unity real-time development platform which makes it possible to build an impressive interaction framework for hand tracking including custom user interfaces, locomotion systems, kinematic and physics-based interactions, and complete a capstone project by developing a remotely controlled robotic arm application.

  • Sept 24: Behind the Scenes (FREE): Hand Physics Lab – Hand Tracking Tips & Tricks
  • Sept 30: Behind the Scenes with Tom Carter, Ultraleap Founder & CTO
  • Oct 3: Principles Workshop: Hand Tracking and Interaction Design Principles
  • Oct 12: 8-week Master Class: Hand Tracking and Interaction Design

About XR Bootcamp

XR Bootcamp teaches students and professionals to create VR/AR applications and supports companies to bridge their skills gap in XR development. Through intensive on-site and online educational programs, cutting-edge curricula, industry-wide known mentors, lecturers, and a focus on industry portfolio projects, graduates get the hands-on experience they need to kick off their XR career or get promoted. XR Bootcamp is a Unity Authorized Training Partner. As a major global provider of emerging technology software upskilling training, our vision is to improve the diversity of programmers and technologists, making VR/AR an inclusive field and increasing social upward mobility across heterogeneous backgrounds.

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