Check Out 107 Oculus Rift Facts You Should Know From The Leaderboard Channel

While Virtual Reality has always seemed like a far off futuristic bit of tech, it may not be entirely out of reach. In recent years, a number of VR headsets have been in development, but none have received such praise as the Oculus Rift. Just curious to find out what went into the making of such an advanced piece of technology? The Leaderboard team has compiled a list of 107 facts about the Oculus Rift YOU should know!


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The online channel The Leaderboard, as a part of the massively successful Frederator network, has gathered some of the product’s most fascinating and in some cases little-known facts for the channel’s extraordinarily popular “107 Facts You Didn’t Know” series which has accrued more than 100 million views.


About Frederator Networks

Frederator operates Frederator Studios and Frederator Networks. Frederator Studios makes cartoons for television, movies, and the Internet. It was founded by serial media entrepreneur and former Hanna-Barbera president Fred Seibert in 1998 as a unique incubator for big animation ideas by producing original cartoons. More than 200 short films have resulted in 16 hit series for television and the Internet, including Butch Hartman’s The Fairly OddParents on Nickelodeon and Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Frederator is in partnership with Sony Pictures Animation to develop and produce animated feature films, and with YouTube to create television-quality cartoons on the Internet.


Frederator Networks, the largest online animation network in the world, programs the online channels Channel Frederator and Cartoon Hangover as well as manages the Channel Frederator Network, a YouTube based animation and entertainment multi-channel network launched in early 2014 and distributor of more than 2500 independently owned and programmed animation channels. Launched in late 2012, Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover channel includes the hit series Bravest Warriors created by Pendleton Ward, Natasha Allegri’s Bee and PuppyCat, which has gone to series funded by the biggest animation or web series Kickstarter campaign ever, as well as many new shorts from the world’s future animation superstars. Frederator has offices in Burbank, CA and New York, NY.


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