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“ARKAMYS resolves automotive audio challenges and 360° immersive sound recording and replay for VR”

Sound can easily be taken for granted. But what if you could use it to save a pedestrian? Or feel as if you’re at a live concert in your car? Or perhaps a VR experience so real your head turns as you listen to a butterfly flutter by.

ARKAMYS brings these experiences true to life. At CES 2017, ARKAMYS will be demonstrating its Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) on a Tesla Model-X and SoundStage Advanced on an NXP Platform and 360 VR Audio Suite at LVCC.


“Sound is often uncharted territory when it comes to enhancing and innovating new audio experiences,” says Philippe Tour, CEO of ARKAMYS. “After years of providing numerous audio solutions, ARKAMYS is looking beyond at the future of how people will interact with sound and use it as a guide. AVAS, SoundStage Advanced and 360 VR Suite are all seamless integration solutions that enhance future automobile and VR experiences.”

ARKAMYS is collaborating with MHE, leading Korean automotive supplier, to provide electric vehicles manufacturers with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). AVAS generates sound at low speeds to warn vulnerable road users of an electric or hybrid vehicle approaching.

As a global Automotive Tier One supplier, MHE has designed and manufactured the stand-alone AVAS speaker-box, while ARKAMYS has developed the sound generation software, tools and services to support OEMs in the sound design process.

AVAS solution not only complies with upcoming regulations (NHTSA, UNECE…) from Europe, U.S. and China that require electric and hybrid vehicles to generate external sound, but also offers OEMs state-of-the-art tools and services to design a unique sound signature for their xEV range.

MHE-ARKAMYS AVAS 1st generation will enter mass-production in 2017. AVAS 2nd generation or Smart-AVAS is already in development. Linked with other sensors in the vehicle, Smart-AVAS will automatically detect danger and measure the noise around the vehicle in order to adapt the sound generator to its environment. This enhances the overall car safety as it has increasing detectability in noisy environments and also reduces acoustic annoyance when no danger is detected. Additional safety features dedicated to the driver will enable him to instantly hear and identify spatialized threats.

Demonstrations of AVAS 1st generation on Tesla Model-X and more information on Smart-AVAS will be available at Central Plaza CP30, LVCC.

SoundStage Advanced enhances sound for the whole car cabin and provides audio filters to render sound in various ambiences depending on your mood or tastes. This ARKAMYS Audio software runs on semiconductors platforms embedded in in-vehicle infotainment systems to make your playlist tremendously clearer with an uplifted and optimized sound scene from any seat with the original built-in car speakers. SoundStage Advanced provides audio processing effects and virtual surround sound, and can render sound up to six audio channels with the technology derived from ARKAMYS’ Golden Ears audio experts. In partnership with NXP, leader in the auto chip market, SoundStage solutions are currently available in market and are embedded in over 32 million cars and of those 25 million on NXP Platforms. Demonstrations will be available at Central Plaza CP30, LVCC.

In the Virtual Reality space, ARKAMYS’ 360 VR Audio Suite offers VR-Capture and VR-Play mass market software solutions for any 360° smartphone, 360° camera, and VR gear manufacturers to enable 360° audio for VR video experiences. Using these software, any recorded audio tracks are converted into ambisonic soundtracks, which are then rendered as immersive and realistic 360° audio for VR experiences over headphones. While VR-Capture allows the mobile phone or camera’s built-in microphones to record and convert audio into a 360° VR audio track, VR-Play transforms the 360° audio track into a 3D sound experience in real time and is also compliant with spatial audio format.

360 VR Audio Suite can be experienced at #MP26155, LVCC.


As a recognized leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS develops innovative software and services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile phone and connected objects industries. The sound experts at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3D audio, voice processing and sound rendering. These same experts create cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility and audio quality of consumer electronic products.

ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio technologies across the globe and has expanded its reputation over the past 15 years to create a strong presence in the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and China. For more information, please visit, www.arkamys.com.

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