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Unimersiv Launches Breakthrough VR App to Let Users ‘Walk’ Through the Human Brain

“New app, aimed at educating users about history, outer space and the human anatomy, launches first VR experience aimed at walking users through the human brain”

Unimersiv, a platform that provides users with Virtual Reality (VR) educational experiences, is launching a new VR experience to let users explore the human brain. Now, Unimersiv users can enjoy a better than ever view of the human brain in a way that was not previously possible.

Available on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, this is the first such VR experience to hit the market. While most companies do not create libraries of VR content, Unimersiv provides a unique library of educational VR experiences. Eventually, Unimersiv hopes that other VR experience developers will share their experiences on the Unimersiv library in addition to other app stores and platforms.

“Every time that a new technology comes out, it quickly applies itself to some form of education,” says founder Baptiste Grève. “VR will follow the same path. In fact, at some point in the future, people might not even have to go to schools – places of learning could be in VR spaces instead. As this happens, we want to be the place where you can go to learn absolutely anything.”

According to American educator Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning, the human brain remembers things that it experience better than things it reads or hears. In fact, after a given two week period, the brain remembers 90 percent of what it does or simulates, but just 10 percent and 20 percent respectively of materials read and listened to. Certain educational subjects, such as science and history, are considered hard to visualize – VR technology can make these concepts easier.

People are slowly becoming aware of the rising popularity of VR as a form of educational technology. As well as generating billions of dollars over the coming years, VR tech is already flying off shelves. Headsets, crucial to the VR experience are particularly popular and five million units have already been sold. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings worries more about VR disrupting Netflix than anything else.

More and more sectors – health, gaming, fitness etc etc – are looking to VR technology to further their competitive edge and offerings to clients. In time, planes will replace inflight movies with inflight virtual reality; online shopping and ecommerce will evolve to include VR and create a more holistic shopping experience. The same goes for education, which Unimersiv is spearheading on a global level. The truth is, there is no limit to the potential for VR technologies and we will have to wait and see how those opportunities develop.

“Out of classroom experiences can have a profound impact on students but they are often expensive and difficult to organize,” Grève continues. “VR can help solve this by providing users – including, potentially, school children – with simulated experiences that involve less travel, less paperwork and less organization. VR is the future of education.”


Unimersiv is a platform that provides users with Virtual Reality (VR) educational experiences. Founded by Baptiste Grève, Unimersiv is now launching a new VR experience to let users explore the human brain. This is a world first experience that will allow Unimersiv users to enjoy the best ever view of the human brain in a way that has never been possible.

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