Augmented and Virtual Reality Tracking Technology from uSens Now Needs Only One Stereo Camera Module

“At Augmented World Expo, uSens to demo next-gen capabilities for combined 6DOF head tracking and 26DOF hand tracking that reduces ARVR system size and power consumption”

uSens, Inc., a pioneer in hand-and-head tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality, has developed the next-generation of technology for its uSens Fingo module that provides advanced 3D human-computer interaction capability on PC-based VR systems as well as mobile AR and VR platforms. At the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Silicon Valley May 31-June 2, uSens will demonstrate its new combined inside-out 6DOF (degrees of freedom) head tracking and 26DOF hand-tracking technology. This is an industry-first achievement in that it uses only a single camera module with an embedded dual-lens (stereo) camera.



Until now, making both inside-out 6DOF head tracking and 3D hand tracking a reality has required three or even four cameras: one depth-sensing camera or two IR cameras for hand tracking, and one or two mono cameras for head tracking. With uSens’ new technology (see video), only one stereo camera module is needed, reducing the system size, complexity, power consumption and, as a result, overall cost.


“While VR and AR has exploded in the popular conscious in the last year, realistic tracking technology is still in its early stages of development. The proprietary algorithms in the next generation of our Fingo tracking module will enable this new, combined 6DOF head tracking plus 26DOF hand tracking technology,” said Dr. Yue Fei, chief technology officer and co-founder of uSens, “With only a single stereo camera module, our solution is far more compact and cost-effective for developers seeking to generate more realistic content with lifelike mobility.”


With many fixed and mobile VR and AR platforms, a marker-based tracking system is used that requires markers be placed around a room in advance so the embedded system cameras can track 6DOF head positioning. Marker-less, inside-out head tracking is the opposite, allowing the system to track the user’s location within the space naturally, without requiring any advance setup. While there are currently Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) with built-in mobile 6DOF head tracking and hand tracking capability, such as Microsoft® HoloLens™ or Intel® Alloy™, these do not provide the accuracy or the flexibility of the uSens add-on module, which can be affixed to any headset, regardless of vendor.


Controller-Free Tracking in AR and VR

The debut uSens Fingo module currently available to developers is the first mobile ARVR 3D-stereo vision, hand-tracking device. With its mixture of revolutionary software and hardware, Fingo offers low latency, 26DOF and the tracking of 22 finger joints. The combination of these features allows users to interact with digital objects in augmented and virtual reality the same way they would in the real world. Simply by attaching a Fingo module to the front of a HMD device holder, end users can experience their favorite apps controller-free.


Fingo supports mobile ARVR platforms including Samsung Gear VR™, Google Daydream™, and Google Cardboard™, in addition to any Android OS-powered glasses for augmented reality. Fingo also supports PC-tethered virtual reality systems such as Oculus Rift™ and HTC Vive™. Thanks to recent enhancements, Fingo even enables inside-out 6DOF head tracking with just a single stereo camera.


uSens recently launched the uDev network portal to help the developer community integrate inside-out 26DOF hand tracking technology into their ARVR projects. Request a developer kit or order a Fingo, shipping now within the U.S. and China for only $99.


Connect with uSens:

  • Watch multiple demonstrations of uSens in action:
  • Meet live with uSens in booth 400 of the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in the Santa Clara County Convention Center from May 31 to June 2, and attend Dr. Yue Fei’s speech on 4 Keys to Augmented Reality’s Future” at 4:15 pm on June 2.
  • Vote by May 22 for uSens Fingo as a “Best Developer Tool” in the 2017 Auggie Awardsto be announced at AWE.

About uSens, Inc.

Founded in 2013, San Jose-based uSens, Inc. closes the gap between Virtual Reality and the real world. The pioneering ARVR company provides inside-out, 26DOF hand and 6DOF head position tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. With domain expertise in 3D HCI technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, uSens is leading the industry to achieveSuper Reality, a truly immersive and natural ARVR experience. For more information, and follow @usensinc.

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