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VR3000 Debuts ‘Spiderman’ Parody

VR3000.com has announced the release of its newest virtual reality porn movie title, “The Amazing Home Cumming, a Spiderman Parody.”

According to the company, anyone who has ever held a paper Spiderman can recall the bookstore scent, the tactile feeling in their fingertips and the way the words leapt off the page into the reader’s imagination where it begged to be further enhanced by the fertile mind of the reader — rather than passively observed the way traditional television or movies were meant to be seen.

Andy Alvarez of VR3000 says there has always been an issue with taking a creative character from a comic book and trying to turn it into a Hollywood story on a flat screen, but now virtual reality “is adding new layers of realism that make some of the most recent releases far more immersive than anything Hollywood has managed to produce.”

“The moment you take a protagonist from a work of fiction and try to insert it into a passive film adaptation it loses most of its luster. It’s not about which actor played Spiderman — it’s about the fact that whoever they put in the suit wasn’t YOU and that ruins the experience [for] many,” Alvarez says. “VR overcomes all of that in a whole new way.”

Alvarez says that rather than looking at a screen from across the room, VR allows people to experience a multi-sensory viewpoint of the action as if they are the main character — and fans are finding that to be far more exhilarating in much the same way Cosplay has become popular in the real world.

“‘The Amazing Home Cumming, a Spiderman Parody’ on our site has proven to be wildly popular, in part because of the comic look and feel, but far more so because the customer is cast as Spiderman and can enjoy the entire experience in full 180-degree 3D from Spidey’s point of view!” Alvarez explains. “‘Game of Bones’ brings the Mother of Dragons to life on the battlefield in ways HBO never could, by immersing the audience in every moment of the action.”

Alvarez notes this applies to nearly every kind of celebrity encounter, citing the company’s recent video parody of YouTube star Michelle Phan, who has more than 100 million fans.

“These adaptations aren’t just another round of adult entertainment parodies that poke fun at the kind of content Hollywood produces,” Alvarez adds. “When one looks closely at these productions, it’s easy to see that major film studios could benefit from the lesson that their flagship intellectual properties become far more compelling the moment you stop filming in 2D and open up the universe of your show to allow spectators to feel like they are part of the cast instead.”

Author: VR Reporter

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