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Virtual Reality Will Unveil New Frontiers in the World of Cryptocurrency

One of the blockchain’s most innovative and functionality laden applications is gearing up to launch its Initial coin offering. Come November 1st, the ICO for Project Districts will be commissioned to the cryptocurrency market and the world at large in a bid to derive funding for the development of its ingenious 3-dimensional ecosystem. Championed by a team of adroit software developers, the ICO will be the latest accomplishment for Project Districts, which currently holds the title of being the first synergistic integration of the Blockchain and 3D technology.

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According to the ICO organizers, investments derived from this funding round will be utilized to finalize preparations and to provision the necessary infrastructure needed to scale the developmental phase of Project Districts. At the end of Q4 2017, Project Districts is expected to host a thriving ecosystem of user-defined 3D architecture with applications in real estate, E-commerce, gaming, health, education, and general recreation.

3Dcoin the coin on sale in the Districts ICO is the payment gateway to the open world of Project Districts. Similar to the traditional roles of fiat currencies in everyday living, 3Dcoin allow users of the Districts ecosystem to procure and utilize resources hosted in its framework. Users can derive ownership for virtual entities like land and buildings, mega-malls and shopping centers, online hosted gaming rigs, even conceptualized 3D hospitals; virtually anything that attends to the wants and needs of Project Districts users or fits the personal fancy of the creator.

Consequent of the now massive hype that tailgates the Project Districts, with Huff Post contributor Yusuff Olayode calling it the most exceptional integration of blockchain and virtual reality yet, organizers of the ICO have implemented sustainable measures to help curb unwarranted speculations. The goal is to keep token prices at a more than fair and reasonable rate for all prospective investors.

What Lies Ahead

Aside from fast-tracking the complete development of the Districts framework, Organizers of the ICO say additional funds would be used for the acquisition of licenses and complementary VR tech from third parties like SteamVR, Oculus, Unreal Engine. The plan is to make the Districts framework the focal point and number one HubSpot for all things related to Virtual Reality.

And supposing the ICO exceeds its soft cap of 100 million 3DC, all extra funds would be reinvested into the framework to develop its proprietary Districts Visual Studio (DVS) module the world’s first fully functional Blockchain – VR engine designed to appeal to both core developers and the average internet user. Speaking to the press earlier this week, Z Rezig, founder of Blockchain technology LLC and CEO of Project Districts expressed his optimism that the technology would redefine virtual reality, transforming it from its current ‘geeky’ status to an essential component of everyday living.

– have an idea; why not hop into the District tech wave.

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